Brand Awareness and activation – How and why influencers revitalize their own label


fansThe list of former players and managers within the sports industry are countless.

Nevertheless, there are a reduced quantity of references whose relevance is maintained as a high level after their respectively career prime. The retirement has a different meaning for those niche-market people.

Hence, that’s the case of Luis Figo (Football), David Beckham (Football), Allen Iverson (Basketball), Michael Jordan (Basketball), John Elway (American Football), George Foreman (Box) among others.

Consequently, this elite/premium class of former players and managers do not rely (only) on financial consultants to prevent bankruptcy after competing. The entrepreneurial mindset grew and matured when they find more time to invest on the projects.

Cases of club ownership, opening a new market league, lead a club in the front office and retain customers as brand ambassadors do help on creating a revenue stream in the long term.

Brand activation | equity is a concept that the best influencers can take advantage of. Social Media empower the former definition. Luis Figo – a former Portuguese Balon D’or award winner and inspirational-class persona – made sure he made the best brand awareness move at the right moment.

The latter moment was in 2015 with his application for FIFA’s presidency. Within the competition Figo was the up-front candidate leader in Brand equity. He ended up giving-up the application. However, the surprise effect and sudden appearance enhanced his activation. How? Figo was a hot topic in several news channels and a constant reference online. That is what any brand seeks, right?

Additionally, another sample of brand awareness comes with one of the newest Hall of Fame NBA players – Allen “The Answer” Iverson. As O’Shea Jackson Sr. (also known as Ice Cube – American rapper) created the BIG3 league earlier in 2017, Iverson came as one of the most thriller retired players to pick-up a basketball within an arena. Despite “the answer” ’s absence in an BIG3 event and ending as suspended, Allen Iverson – as a brand – was activated. Fans filled the seats and the tweets were all over the internet.

To conclude the topic, every individual has his/her own brand. A few can be named influencers in a globalized world and impact not only a wider group of people but also corporations How you manage that same awareness requires a strategic plan. Otherwise, your “market share” can be diminished.

What was the last time you activated your brand?