Entrepreneurial Athletes mind-set


The entrepreneurship mind-set can be developed within a standard classroom, hot industrial regions as Silicon Valley or in less-stereotyped environments.

One of the latter’s is undoubtedly among active and former athletes whose above-average time is devoted inside the pitch/arena/gym.

Nonetheless, parallel revenue streams and passive income is increasingly concepts that players get aware of observing the after-retirement bankruptcy statistics displayed. As so, influencers invest their financial resources in business consultants. Aiming to secure an out-of-the-field sustainable lifestyle, it is positively impressive the message these impactful brand-individuals send to younger followers.

Moreover, exhibiting continuous education, business ventures and social awareness activities, players enhance personal characteristics that were rarely seen before the media globalization and outside of the box mentality-driven actions.

Consequently, Millennials develop a distinctive perception of what a stereotype-player look like, at least the premium examples. Apart from negative and less-educating episodes some players showcase due to almost 24/7 paparazzi media-attraction, there are successful of-the court initiatives.

Starting with the most marketable driver in the Auto Racing sport (Reference: Forbes) – Lewis Hamilton, to the Portuguese Cristiano Ronaldo’s airport naming, hotel businesses and clothing line.

Maria Sharapova’s premium gummy candy line to Tiger Woods “TGR” own re-branding with focus on philanthropy, design, performance, partnerships, events and hospitality (source: https://goo.gl/mVHeBi).

Serena Williams’ Signature Statement clothing line for HSN to NBA’s Trevor Booker eighteen (!) businesses (source: https://goo.gl/ev14Zx). Former teammates Kobe Bryant’s Venture Capital Fund; Shaquille O’Neal’s Real Estate and tech investor | Restaurant owner and Fitness Franchises. There could be named many more reference cases.

Additionally, its stunning to notice several players investing on after-retirement courses aiming to educate fellow professionals to strive for successes after their respectively prime. Endorsements can fulfill a complementary financial support which strengthen the power of self-brand activation.

In short, sports can be described as one of the most influential industries worldwide. The “products” are constantly a subject in the media. The “products” actions matter. If a player showcases positive attitudes on and off the court, these same behaviors will directly and indirectly influence their fans.

Lets highlight the constructive activities. Education, Social Awareness and Leadership. Highlight how good a teammate attitudes matter as an influence to the whole-team results. How Carles Puyol distinguish himself as a captain or Lebron James’ investment portfolio. Share the positive and encouraging messages. These “products” have impact. These “products” can change minds in the long-term.

Cultivate a better society through media channels with these “products”.