Lefteris Hahamidis: More than an Athlete


Lefteris Hahamidis, for most people just Lefteris and for his opponents Mr. X, was born in Kavala of Greece in the 13th of October of 1981. For most of you 13 is an unlucky number with a very negative connotation, well not for Lefteris!

Lefteris is a professional athlete in various martial arts, most of his life has been practicing kickboxing, boxing and muay thai and the last few years Brazilian jiu jitsu and MMA, he is also holding the record of the fastest MMA knockout in Greece, with only 4 seconds! Lefteris has taken part in 121 fights with a record of 103 wins (32 of them KO), 18 losses and 0 draws. Most of his fights have been in kickboxing, his original fighting style, counting 116 in total.

Throughout his career Lefteris has also many awards and distinctions, the 5 most important of them is the Title of King of the Ring K1 SANDA (84 kg) in 2012, the World Title of Muay Thai WMF (79 kg) in 2010, the World Title of Lowkick WPKA (81 kg) in 2009-10, the Balkan Title of Lowkick WPKA (2008) in 2008 and lastly the Title of Urban Fighter Lowkick (82 kg) in 2007.

Apart from his professional experience, Lefteris is also a sensei, firstly to teach and share what he has learnt throughout his career, but also because to teach is also to learn. Some could say that Lefteris is a transformational leader, an individual with great knowledge on his field, who tries to transform and inspire his followers with a sense of purpose and excitement, with a vision to make them achieve their potential. Lefteris is a Gishi (a man of rectitude) and a role model for his students, but also for all the athletes or individuals related to martial arts, with his fine manners, character and ethos, he has gained the ultimate respect even from his rivals, after all this is what Inazo Nitobe wrote in Bushido “kindness and fine manners, mean power in repose.”