Qatar cares about its next generation


Recently, we have seen again, a senior Emirates security official stating that the only way to stop the “Qatar crisis” is for Doha to abandon the organization of the final stage of the 2022 World Cup.

Mr. Khalfan  of Dubai , argued in more detail that the financial crisis facing Doha would put the county in a very difficult position making Qatar declaring its resignation for the host of the Cup.

Besides, it is known that Bahrain, Egypt, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates have broken all their diplomatic relations with Qatar from the 5th of June for allegations that Doha supports extremists and has too hot ties with Iran.

Qatar states that it  has long refused to fund extremists and restore full diplomatic ties with Iran amid the conflict. Doha, the capital of the a wealth country  but small in population, shares a vast open sea gas field with Iran, which makes its citizens incredibly rich. Furthermore ,we must not forget that many Europeans and foreigners work there . And the get paid well. Depending on the nature of their job …

Not only have I visited this very beautiful capital and have spoken to many of its residents, but also its football federation and politicians, I must say  that with all my experience of about 40 years of work , there is nothing compared to it even if its population is about one million.

The people of the county, are expecting with agony their country to host the final stage of the biggest football event , the World Cup in 2022.

And it’s not just that Qatar wants to present a fabulous celebration that the planet might not even have seen so far, but the most important thing is that its people want to leave behind a great heritage for their children and for the next generations. Many can blame them for the houses where the workers are staying, but whoever that has not visited the facilities can not give a point of view. And sincerely, I am one of the few Europeans with a group of colleagues from the Greater Media (Mundo Deportivo, Kicker, BBC, Reuters, AS, Marca, etc.) that went to these villages and found the conditions to be dignified.

Four years ago, on my first visit to Doha, I saw a few streets , a desert and some stones.
Since then, things have changed a lot! Their goal, as one of its top officials had  acclaimed to me, is that within a short time, this city and generally the whole country aims on becoming even better than Los Angeles.

And it is true that when people put something  in their minds they make it real.

The next time I visited Qatar everything was better. Modern streets such as in Paris, London, Geneva or Berlin. Buildings large and ultramodern. The construction of the  Fields was continued. There may have been some variations at some point, but they continued to be constructed as the original agreement with FIFA .

In March, which was my most recent visit, I found even more positive things. They had built an amazing Mall that also had Greek clothing companies seen in Athens’ central shops, with lots of cinemas and other attractions that cause the admirers of visitors.

At the same time, their most important work so far – in addition to the athletic facilities that continue to be built at an unimaginable pace – I saw the construction of a super modern metro and a suburban railway which when its finished in the next year, Zurich will probably be jealous of it, even if Zurich is considered according to all researches, the cleanest and healthiest city in the world. Where man can live as best as he can …

The essence is one! Qatar as it  has already been decided definitively and ultimately  two years ago , by the FIFA Executive Committee , will organize the final stage of the World Cup in 2022…

The river does not turn back!