The amazing phenomenon of Esports


The tickets in the stadiums are sold-out. Tens of millions of fans watch the finals on their screens. The winner of each tournament gets millions of dollars. Workouts are daily and at least 50 hours per week. This is the amazing phenomenon of Esports!

In many countries Esports are recognized as sports and the players as athletes, in the United States there are also colleges that provide sports scholarships to video games players. The new objective for Esports now is to get the sport into the 2024 Olympic Games program, the question is why should Esports be included?

The answer is simple, because of the sport’s popularity and its revenues. According to Newzoo the occasional viewers are more than 200 million people, most of them millennials. Now, about the revenues, the Esports Economy, for 2017, will grow to $696 million with a year-on-year growth of 41.3%, with the estimation of reaching more than $1.4 billion in 2020! For 2017 brands are expected to spend $517 million, broken down into $266 million on sponsorship, $95 million on media rights and $155 million on advertising. On the other hand, the consumer spending on tickets and merchandising will reach the amount of $64 million. The remaining amount of $116 million is the investment that game publishers will make into Esports.

The amazing phenomenon of Esports fox sports stories foxsports

Due to these numbers many professional sports clubs are investing on Esports, like Valencia FC, Manchester City, Schalke FC, Ajax FC, Santos FC, Sporting Lisbon FC, Besiktas FC, Panathinaikos, Dallas Mavericks, Volga FC, Baskonia BC, West Ham FC, Wolfsburg, Philadelphia 76ers and many more. But professional sports teams are not the only ones that are investing on Esports, big broadcasting media, like ESPN, BBC, Sky Sports, Canal+, etc. and mainstream brands, like Cocal- Cola, Vodafone, MasterCard, Intel and many more are investing on the sport.

In your opinion, will Esports make it to be included into the 2024 Olympic Games?

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