Pakistan is always over Qatar in the 2022 World Cup issue


Director General of Sports in Peshawar Junaid Khan praises relations with Doha:

We are proud of the contribution of Pakistani manpower to the construction of Qatar 2022 facilities

– The brotherly relationship with Qatar .. The Pakistani community contributes to the great renaissance

– We will ensure that the facilities of the World Cup will be ready on time

– We do not pay attention to the malicious allegations, and are sure of the good treatment of workers

– Peshawar “insured” sports .. And emerged from many heroes of Pakistan

“We cherish the brotherly relationship with the State of Qatar and believe that it is the future of further progress and cooperation,” Mr. Junaid Khan, Director General of the Sports Sector in Peshawar, responded to media questions during the AIPS-ASIA delegation’s visit to the city.

Pakistan-Qatar brotherhood

“Of course, we have strong brotherly relations with the State of Qatar. Besides being a sister Muslim country, a large number of Pakistani citizens work in various fields of competence and contribute in their respective capacities in Qatar,” said Junaid Khan.

“On the other hand, we must also emphasize that the Pakistani citizens who work in Doha pump money to their country and contribute to support the economy and help their families, so we believe that the relations have been and remain strong between the Qatari and Pakistani sides.”

We support the World Cup 2022…

The Director General of the sports sector in Peshawar said that Pakistan has been supporting Qatar since the time it won the bid to host the FIFA World Cup 2022. This is in-tune with the decision of Pakistan government. Also Pakistan is keen on providing all the support needed towards the successful hosting of the big event.

“We are sure that things will be ready in time for the expected event,” he said.

“The workers in Pakistan are known for their seriousness, accuracy and determination wherever they work in the world,” said Junaid Khan.

“We are working in Qatar, especially those who proudly contribute to building World Cup facilities. Today they are doing a great job and I ask them to do their hardest to leave their usual layoffs in this area,” he said.

The former Minister of Commerce of the Republic of Pakistan, Khoram Dostakir, had said in an earlier interview that his country is willing to promote the excellent fraternal relations between the two countries to a strong economic partnership, pointing out that the volume of trade between the two countries is 2.85 billion Qatari riyals (783 million dollars).

datgir said also, Pakistan’s desire is to see the completion of the World Cup 2022 projects, with Pakistani workers working towards that goal along with Qatar.

The allegations are baseless ..!

Commenting on the allegations made from time and again in the Western Press about workers in Qatar, Junaid Khan said in his statement, that they are baseless and sheer lies.

“The unbiased reports in the media, which are clear confirm the good treatment of the workers, which is undoubtedly a partnership based on sound foundations, especially since the relations between Qatar and Pakistan are fraternal,” he said.

Moving on to development of sports facilities in Pakistan, Junaid Khan added, “The sports complex has produced national champions in various individual and group games.”

“The Pakistan cricket coach graduated from the sports complex in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and supported many young and talented champions in the region,” said the sports director.

Pakistan has been hit hard over the past few years by terrorist attacks, especially during the years 2007-2013. But, today security has been restored in the region and so also tranquillity.

He pointed out that the best way to find out about this is from visiting the countryside in Pakistan. A tourist, who comes here should then check out our safety and security and so also monitor the investment climate and opportunities available here.