Derby Stories: Crvena Zvezda – Partizan


One of the most popular derbies in the world is the “veciti derby” or eternal derby between Red Star Belgrade and Partizan. This derby has a lot of passion, fanaticism and of course violence. These two clubs are the most popular in the country counting more than the 85% of the overall number of fans in Serbia, more than 50% of them rumored to be Red Star fans.

The Partizan fanatics are called “Grobari”, which means gravediggers, a nickname that was given from Red Star fans due to the colors that Partizan is wearing (black and white). On the other hand, Red Star fanatics are called “Delije” which means brave and the group exists since 1989. The Grobari calls their stadium “The Temple”, while Red Star fans call it “Toilet Seat”. There are also similar characterizations from the Grobari side, who call Red Star stadium a “hole”.

Both clubs were founded right after World War Two, firstly Red Star and seven months later Partizan. Red Star was the club of the Communist Youth Party and Partizan was the club of the military. The first derby took place in 1947 in which Red Star won 4-3. Red Star until today has 62 victories over Partizan, 46 draws and has lost 45 times. Except from football the two multisport clubs are rivals also in other sports like basketball, volleyball, athletics and many more. Partizan in all sports combined has more than 700 titles and Red Star has more than 400 titles.