All about: Real Madrid


What the name Madrid means is unclear, it probably has something to do with water. The city’s origins can be tracked back to a fortress built by the Moors by the river Manzanares 1200 years ago. Madrid nowadays is one of the largest and most multicultural cities in Europe, this is the city that Real Madrid has as a base.

Real is not the only football club in the city of Madrid, there are also Atletico, Getafe and Alcorcon. Atletico Madrid is the biggest of the three and arch rival of Real Madrid, with only few accomplishments in contrast with the Merengues. Atletico is representing the working class of Madrid, while Real is representing the wealthy and the upper class of the area. The matches between the two are always very passionate and sensational, Real Madrid being the club with the most victories in the Derbi Madrileño.

The question is how everything started? Back in 1895, some English students and teachers at the Institucion Libre de Enseñanza in Madrid founded a club called Football Club Sky. In the next 7 years the club was split twice and in 1902 a new club called Sociedad Madrid was formed, which later evolved into Real Madrid.

Back then there wasn’t any major professional league, like La Liga, the only competition that was open to all clubs in the country was Copa del Rey, the rest of the competitions were regional. Real Madrid won 4 consecutive times the cup from 1905-1908 and one 5th time in 1917. In 1929 La Liga is founded and Real takes part in the league, in which Atletico Bilbao and Barcelona are the strongest teams. In 1932 Real wins its first Spanish championship, but it took more than 10 years for the club to flourish.

For its first 18 years Real was simply called Madrid and this name changed in 1920, when the King Alfonso XIII granted the club royal patronage and the name Real Madrid had officially been born. This also changed again in 1931 when the King was deposed and a republic was established, but it returned in 1939 when the dictator Francisco Franco came to power.

Real Madrid’s jersey has always been white, but in the early days the socks were black and there was also a diagonal blue stripe across the chest, which only exists in Real Madrid’s logo nowadays.

Real Madrid’s golden history started in 1945, where Santiago Bernabeu became president. During that time Real Madrid’s stadium was built and started to sign “Galacticos” players. During that time Real Madrid fans earned the nickname Vikingos due to winning 5 European Champions Cups in a row. From that time till now Real Madrid has become the most successful club in the world, having won:

  • 12 Champions Leagues (6 European Champions Cups)
  • 33 Spanish Championships
  • 9 Spanish Super Cups
  • 19 Spanish Cups
  • 2 FIFA Club World Cups
  • 2 UEFA Cups
  • 3 UEFA Supercups
  • 3 Intercontinental Cups

Apart from the titles, some of the best footballers have wore Real Madrid’s jersey like Cristiano Ronaldo, di Stefano, Butragueno, Zidane, Raul, Pirri, Casillas, Ramos, Amancio, Puskas, Ronaldo, Beckham, Roberto Carlos, van Nistelrooy, Figo, Guti, Kaka, Hugo Sanchez, Hierro, Bernabeu, Laudrup, Makelele, Zamorano, Mijatovic, Cannavaro, Schuster, Kopa, Gento and many more!