Russia is running fast for 2018


Russia runs with the quickest possible way in order to be all ready in June. They aim to have a World Cup final that the planet have not seen so far. Vladimir’s Putin mandate is clear:
“The people who will come to our country have to see a top celebration of football “. So everybody follows literally the instructions of the first citizen of the great country.

FIFA’s former president, Joseph Blatter, is also expected to be present at the final stage of the World Cup, which was removed on suspicion of embezzlement and negligence.
Mr. Blatter has been invited to Moscow by Vladimir Putin ,himself.

Sepp Blatter said he received an invitation from President Putin but did not say how long he will stay or when he is expected to go to the Russian capital, whether it is at the opening ceremony or another game
As Kremlin’s spokesman, Dmitry Peskov said, Russia will be glad to welcome the former president of the World Football Federation, as well as the former UEFA president, Frenchman Michel Platini, to attend to the final stage of the 2018 World Cup that will take place for the first time in this country!
“As you know, Putin has long-term friendly relations with Blatter and is well acquainted with Platini, so we will certainly be glad to see them in Moscow,” Peskov said.

The two formerly powerful men of world football are welcomed by the Russian Government as well as their friends…
Mr Blatter said that Putin also called Michel Platini – also suspected of corruption – but sources close to the French old top footballer have reported that he has formally received no invitation and is not aware of his plans for the next summer. Recently, Michel Platini visited Cyprus where he visited the Museum, which has been created by a fanatical fan, which has the name “Museum of Platini”. There are even thousands of jerseys of both Platini and other top football players.

FIFA’s sources, in turn, said that the presence of the former World Cup president would not violate ethical norms, as Mr Blatter is no longer an official of the World Federation.
Indeed, Mr. Blatter last spends most of his time in his own country, Valais, and he rarely makes public appearances…

He tries to present a strong national team
Meanwhile, Russia , as a hostess has secured her eligibility for the final stage of the 2018 World Cup and gives friendly games to be able to present as strong a team as possible. In the recent general ranking of FIFA in October, its national team is in 65th place with 563 points. So far away from other major nationalities such as Germany, Brazil, Portugal, Argentina, Belgium, Poland and France.
Vladimir Putin has called on all parties involved to make every effort to present Russia with a great face to the World Cup. Besides, he will be one of the heads of the group draws to be held in Moscow on December 1st.
The 2018 World Cup matches will be held between 14 June and 15 July in 12 stadiums in 11 different cities in Russia. Two of the stadiums are located in the Russian capital.