Devin Booker – Igniting the “Mamba” mentality


Devin Booker. The 70-point game from a 20-year old boy.

It was the 24th March 2017. A remarkable road losing effort by the Kentucky Wildcat Sophomore Phoenix Suns Guard.

TD Garden Boston Celtics fans witnessed something rare. Free throws meant just 34.2% of his total points. Booker scored 16 points in about two minutes left to the game. History was made.

Moreover, may I ask which features Kobe Bryant and Devin Booker share apart from the above-the-average ability to score?

  1. The year Devin Booker was born. The year Kobe Bryant entered the NBA.

Both were the youngest in the respectively draft class.

1.98m (6’6). Same height.

  1. The number of the draft pick that both Kobe and Devin were selected.

Both Parents played in the NBA.

Points scored before the age of 21: Booker: 2774 | Bryant: 2755

24th March, I mentioned. Exactly one year after the “Black Mamba” offered Booker his shoes signing “To Book, Be Legendary”.

That is how you pass a torch. Special recognition to a special talent.

Consequently, there are some expectations on the youngster star playing in Texas.

Displaying how outstanding Booker’s NBA tenure career is expectional thus far, I will leave the following statistics :

  • Devin Booker scored a career-high 39 points for the second game in a row on Saturday. Booker joined LeBron James as the only players in NBAhistory with 4 or more 38+ point games at Devin’s age (20 yrs, 76 days):
    LeBron James – 5
    Devin Booker – 4
    Kevin Durant – 2


  • Devin Bookerscored 70 points on the 24th March and broke Suns record for points in a game (Tom Chambers – 60 in 1990). It was 11th 70-point game in NBA history, first since Kobe Bryant had 81 points in 2006. Booker is now the youngest player to score 60+ and 70+ points in a game (age 20).


  • Devin Booker, at 20 years of age, is now the youngest player in NBAhistory to score 60 or more points in a regular-season game, breaking the record that had been held by Jerry West (63 points at age 23 in 1962).


We all should acknowledge how gifted Devin Booker is. The torch may have been passed.

The seemly effortless shot took several hours and days apart from cameras eyes to perfect.

His stats prove his passion, discipline and routine.

An outstanding influencer for the even youngsters out there look after.