Dennis Rodman and North Korea Basketball rules


North Korea is an hot-topic lately due to their own independent media, restrict entry-visa policies and political issues. Last but not least to mention, a controversial diplomatic relationship with the United States of America.

Nonetheless, Basketball is also distinctive in North Korea. Which NBA Hall of Fame could be named to fit in North Korea’s profile to assist its Basketball Diplomacy and growth? The one and only Dennis Rodman.

Kim Jong-Un, North Korea leader, is an avid Basketball fan. Specially the 1990’s Michael Jordan Bulls. Rodman was an impactful asset in that roster and a force on the boards. Hence, the friendship bond rose in 2013 when Rodman made his first trip to North Korea.

Despite the controversial Rodman’s resumé, he aims to develop the sport he played and, perhaps, ignite a smoother connection between USA and North Korea.

As a matter of fact, Rodman is arguably friends of both country’s leader. The Five time NBA Champion was one personality to be showcased in the Donald Trump’s show “The Apprentice”.

Mr. President Kim’s passion for the sport is so intense that in 2012 some specific rules were transformed and implemented additional ones. Even not displayed in film, these are some variations that occurred:

  • A Slam Dunk is granted with 3 points
  • A point is deducted for each missed free throw
  • 4 Points to a three point shot that does not touch the rim (swish)
  • 8 points to any field goal made within the last 3 minutes of the game

Naturally commented as bizarre and absurd, the rules were implemented to increase the competition, interest and fan-engagement experience. Even if uncommon, some rules promote efficiency and accuracy.

You may ask: Can, for instance, the free-throw rule be implemented in NBA or Euroleague? The answer is quite controversial as well.

NBA games are time-consuming. And within the fast-environment lived today, a young fan may quit to watch an entire 3-hour event with several commercial breaks meanwhile. Cut the game from 48 minutes to 40 instead? Maybe. However, can you compare player’s statistics before and after that era? Would it be fair as resting time is concerned? It is a complex discussion.

Back to the main subject, Rodman may play a bigger role not only for the development of Basketball but also worldwide political repercussions.

Can we hope for the Rodman’s position to enhance the Basketball power in North Korea and a peaceful maneuver between the latter and the land of the dream?

Let’s remain optimistic that the premier rebounder scores an important shot within the last 3 minutes to the humanity sustainability.