Corporate Social Responsibility in Sports


There is no surprise that nowadays enterprises increasingly strengthen their Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) department. The brand and cleanliness of each company’s image relies in the latter’s efficiency.

Brands such as Adidas, Google and Microsoft stood in the top twenty companies with the best CSR Reputation in the previous year per Forbes (Source: ).

Moreover, 2017 CSR trends reinforce: global problem-solving and a shift from “corporate social responsibility” to “social impact” (Source:

Nevertheless, from the marketing and branding stand-point, Sports teams and leagues seek continuously a closer proximity with the Generation “N” and Millennials.

A successful example of the Millennials’ engagement, Brand Awareness and Social Impact came in March 2017:

Jerôme Jarre – a French entrepreneur and social media star- along with celebrities as Hollywood actor Ben Stiller – initiated the aid movement of hope to Somalia’s people who are still struggling with drought and famine

Turkish Airlines had an accurate and instant response to the cause – which is the only commercial airline that currently offers flights to the country – joining the trend on Twitter with the hashtag # TurkishAirlinesHelpSomalia.

“The quick popularization of the movement on Twitter was also a sign of the power of social media. “

“Collected thanks to tens of thousands of people from 125 countries, the total donation of 2.5 million USD will be delivered to the people of Somalia as food aid.”

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Such example should inspire Sports’ Brand Managers, Heads of Social Media and CSR Collaborators.

Moreover, the sports industry is increasingly the highlight subject of the media. The sky-rocking salaries displayed on the player/product as role model should impact the community in the same proportion.

The sports industry can change mentalities. The spillover financially for the entities involved can shift in the medium-term.

Consequently, the Brand Awareness has a different perspective and role than twenty years ago.

Projects as FIFA “My game is Fair Play”; UEFA “No to Racism” ; NBA Cares ; Euroleague ONE TEAM are examples of Social responsibility movements.

However, the next step should be inspiring the High-School kids. The College community.

The next generation of leaders.

Sports teams are undoubtedly the Brands who care the most passioned/energized clients (fans).

As so, there is a need to successfully connect with the Millennials in their own educational environment to change their vision.

Brands should seek Social Junior Start-ups. Enhance the latter Communication. Create impact.

Possibly, attract new customers to their arenas for the values and principles shown as a company. And lastly, the latter enterprises may attract world-class talents to send a Curriculum Vitae.

Do more triple-doubles, hat tricks, home runs and touchdowns within the community. You might end up gathering special young people to your team and “grow the awareness”.

Social Impact. Social sharpness.

Educate the next generation of leaders.