David Robinson


“The Admiral”. A nickname given due to the United States Navy service as an officer. Considered by many the best NBA player in Naval Academy history.

NBA 1987 NBA Draft, first round, first pick. David Robinson was selected by The San Antonio Spurs. The latter had to have patience during a two-year period as Robinson had to fulfill his active-duty obligation with the Navy. The patience was worth it. There, in Texas, The Admiral remained until retiring in 2003, after making a footprint in the franchise.

Black and White number 50, in honor of Ralph Sampson (7 foot 4 / 2.25m) former NBA player – can be seen as a retired jersey in the AT&T Center among other Spurs legends.

Nonetheless, one question needed to be made. Would Robinson correspond to the hype around him at the time after the time spent in the Navy? The Admiral answered accordingly. How?

By leading the Spurs to the greatest single season turnaround in NBA history at the time. Jumping from the worst franchise record at the time (21-61) to 56-26. Was his individuality present felt? Yes, becoming an unanimously NBA Rookie of the year.

Additionally to the Gold Medal won in 1992 (Barcelona, Spain) in the worldwide considered the best Olympic team created – The Dream Team – Robinson also double checked the best single game point record for the franchise with 71 points.

After a broken foot in ealy 1997 and several losses late in the playoffs, Robison did not get the opportunity to rise the Larry O’Brien Championship Trophy. And the unfortunate injury led to a 20-62. The latter record became has a long-term positive response: picking Tim Duncan in the NBA Draft. “The Twin Towers” was the name given to the combo.

David Robinson became a two-time NBA Champion (1999 and 2003)

Laslty, bigger individual achievements needed to be mentioned. David Robinson is ranked as one of two players in NBA history to lead the league in scoring (1993-1994), Rebounding (1990-1991) and Blocked shots (1991-1992) during his career. The first player to achieve it? The one and only Kareem Abdul-Jabbar.

Could he achieve any additional stunt to his individual star presence? Yes. David Robinson accomplished a quadruple-double (34 points, 10 rebounds, 10 assists, and 10 blocks against the Detroit Pistons on February 17, 1994). He was just the fourth at the time to do so.

NBA’s 50th Anniversary All-Time Team. 10× NBA All-Star. 4× NBA All-Defensive First Team. The list goes on.

David Robinson didn’t think he would grow late in high school and college to be an NBA Hall of Fame individual. He fought, with class, and served his country. With character and perseverance Robinson gathered the NBA Championship. Some aspects in life don’t happen by case. David Robinson career path demonstrated the former.