Isaiah Austin – NBA Brand Activation and Social Responsibility


A kid who decides to play basketball conscious and unconsciously desires to play in the NBA.

Few are able to actually get a professional contract. Fewer are the ones who actually reach the National Basketball Association picking a franchise’s hat.

The “American Basketball Dream” that the media sells is an arduous journey, the non-filmed actually work is not enough highlighted.

The expectations rise when a young talent is listed in the “Top 100” high school prospects. The latter is even higher when a NCAA Division I player separates himself from the competition.

An unique big, skilled with court vision and great distance shoot.

“You might be a lottery pick, Isaiah!”.

2.11m (7’1) with 2.25m (7’38) wingspan from Baylor University.

Isaiah Austin, a sophomore NCAA Division I player who aspired to reach the next level. Scouts and analysists put him mid-to-late-first 2014 NBA Draft.

Within his freshman year at Baylor (2012-2013) Austin collected the following achievements: third-team All-Big 12 and Big 12 All-Rookie Team honors.

Hence, Austin declares to the 2013 NBA Draft. However, a shoulder injury prevented him to proceed. Thus, Austin got back to Baylor to one more year into developing his game and skillset.

Moreover, in the 2013–14 season Austin earned Big 12 All-Defensive Team honors.

On April 22 2014, Austin declared for the 2014 NBA draft.

12.1 Points , 6.9 Rebounds and 2.4 Blocks per game through the two seasons increases Austin’s hopes.

Unfortunately, not everything can be on our side. Surely the most devastating aspect on Isaiah’s life came four days before the Draft night.

The tests for Marfan syndrome went positive. Unexpected news. Dream breaker.

What is Marfan Syndrome?

Marfan syndrome is a genetic disorder that affects the body’s connective tissue. Connective tissue holds all the body’s cells, organs and tissue together. It also plays an important role in helping the body grow and develop properly.

Consequently, Austin could not pursue his NBA dream. Doctors indicated if the young prospect put too much pressure in his body.

Nonetheless, NBA made sure to honor him properly in National Television, enhancing the awareness towards similar situations and its brand position as well.

On the following video you can confirm that special moment:

Additionally, Isaiah and NBA created a bond. The ambassador for such situations was important for future possible cases.

Austin did not get unnoticed. In the following year (2015) Isaiah Austin became an important author of the book: “Dream Again: A Story of Faith, Courage, and the Tenacity to Overcome”.

“Nothing happens by case” Some may say. Two years after playing Basketball at competitive level (2016) Isaiah Austin was cleared to play again!!

Blind in one eye could not stop him. The syndrome did not stop him. His will to fight through helped.

Quoting the description within is Instagram account:

“Very excited to announce to everyone that the news is true. I have been blessed by the grace of God to receive a second chance at chasing my dream of playing basketball. Everything happens for a reason and I’m ready to share my testimony and journey with millions of people across the world.”

“Ever since the draft, I’ve been getting checked by my doctors. And through those check-ups, we’ve been monitoring my heart, making sure nothing has changed,” he said in his announcement. “He said that I’m stable. I am cleared. I am about to be out here pursuing my dream.”

Since that fortunate moment, Austin came back to the court. Austin is an influencer.

He created the Isaiah Austin Foundation. It provides support for the awareness and research of Marfan syndrome. Its mission is to inspire others to DREAM AGAIN.

Austin is influencing and impacting young kids on and off the court.

Keep inspiring, Isaiah Austin.

Keep enhancing the awareness, NBA.