Turkey runs all the way to 2024

Soccer is undoubtedly the sport that can and does unite two people. And of course, more. Why is it most democratic? Relatively easy, as two people without speaking the same language can with a ball in the middle easily find a point of contact.
And Turkey, a large country, whose population reaches about 80 million people, has big plans for football. We all know that it has been nominated for the final stage of 2024 where it has suffered two defeats. One in 2008, which was in co-voting with Greece (prevailed in the Swiss-Austrian twin) and then in 2016 where this time defeated France with the vote of the then UEFA president, Michel Platini.
Turkey is now back to claim against Germany, Europe’s top event for 2024. Platini is no longer in the head of the European Confederation – he has been punished by a four-year exclusion from the FIFA Disciplinary Committee for an amount he has received without justified it – and the Turkish federation wins a lot in changing the presidency to UEFA. Where the position of Platini is now occupied by the Slovenian, Aleksander Ceferin.
The presence of the Slovenian dirigent  in the presidential race has made the Turks believe that this time, things will work more equitably, and they bet that their dossier will be much better and with greater hopes for final victory.
Besides, the mandate of the country’s president, Tayyip Erdogan, is “to get as many major events and trophies as possible.”
Riva is an exquisite sports center
Already in Riva, a 40-minute drive from Istanbul, has been created in just 3 years, an exquisite sports center that has nothing to jealous of the top of other European countries. In addition, there is the headquarters of the Turkish Football Association, which employs 600 people every day! It has a great hotel. Rooms very well to accommodate footballers from the Children to the Men. Gyms. Swimming pool great. Physiotherapy. Luxury restaurant. In general, anything that a player may want to make his stay more comfortable finds it there. There are 4 modern stadiums, and one with a perfect level of pitch, as Arsenal has in Emirates. The total area of ​​these marvelous facilities amounts to 180,000 square meters and the construction cost of 20 million dollars. It started in 2014 and was ready in 2017.
 At the same time next to the sports center, work has already begun in order to prepare another hotel, which will be reserved for the Men’s National.
Turkey runs all the way to 2024 football fox sports stories foxsports foxsportsstories.com
Turkish football’s strong man, federal vice president and UEFA executive member Servet Yardimci, has taken over with his team and runs the program to help his country get the “green light” from the European Confederation for hosting the final stage of the European Championship of 2024. His actions so far show that he is on a very good track, with his endless contacts with the world of football.
Since Yardimci took charge of TFF’s dealings with UEFA and FIFA, the governing body’s budget has increased from 83m USD (£ 63m) in 2007-08 to 182m USD (£ 139m) in 2017-18.
Turkey President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has backed the nation’s bid to host major football tournaments with government funding, including a 1bn euro (£ 884m) total investment in a nationwide renovation of the country’s football stadiums.
In total, 38 modern stadiums will be in operation within the next three years, according to Yardimci, with the average age of Turkey’s football grounds set to be just 1.3 years old – the youngest in world football.
It moves fast
Turkey has never managed to host a top event. He has organized the Champions League final in 2005 between Liverpool and AC Milan. It will host the 2019 European Cup final in the wonderful Besiktas Stadium. He also hopes to get the final of the Champions League in 2020, where his opponent is Benfica’s Da Luz, Lisbon. He overcomes the Portuguese in the fact that in 2014 at the same stadium he became the final of the top club competition.
And of course their big and main goal is the European of 2024 where they have great hopes.
 This is certainly the case for the new field control system, where no fan can buy a ticket if he has not received the fan card before. There he has to enroll by giving him his full details as well as a photograph of him. With this new system, there can be a direct control because  in about one minute the holder is in the security room of the court and if he has committed the slightest misconduct is automatically eliminated from the court ….
Turkey runs all the way to 2024 football fox sports stories foxsports foxsportsstories.com
Its new stadiums
The Turkish Federation is making every effort. Below we present the new stadiums already built, those that will soon be given for use, but also the other ones under construction:
                                  Years Between                    2009- 2010
STADIUM NAME                                       CAPACITY                            DATE OF INAUGURATION
Kayseri Municipal Stadium                    32.864                                        2009
Manisa 19 Mayis Stadium                      16.597                                       2009
Rize Yeni Sehir Stadium                          15.332                                       2009
Dr.Necmettin Seyhoglu Stadium           12.400                                      2010
                     Years Between                 2011- 2015
STADIUM NAME                                       CAPACITY                            DATE OF INAUGURATION
Turk Telekom Stadium                            52.647                                         2011
Bursa Municipal Stadium                       43.877                                          2015
Konya Municipal Stadium                      42.059                                         2014
Basaksehir Fatih Terim Stadium           15.000                                         2014
Antalya Stadium                                      33.032                                          2015
Mersin Stadium                                       25.534                                         2015
Afyonkarahisar Stadium                        15.523                                         2015
                                          Years Between         2016- 2017
STADIUM NAME                                      CAPACITY                                 DATE OF INAUGURATION
Vodafone Park                                           41.903                                           2016
Yeni  Eskisehir Stadium                            34.930                                           2016
Yeni 4  Eylul  Stadium                                27.532                                           2016
Bornova  Stadium                                     6.041                                                 2016
Trabzon  Şenol Gunes  Stadium            41.461                                                2017
Gaziantep Stadium                                   35.574                                               2017
Samsun Stadium                                       34.000                                                2017
Kocaeli Stadium                                        33.000                                                  2017
Sakarya  Stadium                                      25.000                                                  2017
Malatya  Stadium                                      25.000                                                  2017
                                   Will be complated after 2017
STADIUM NAME                                       CAPACITY                                 DATE OF INAUGURATION
Ankara Stadium                                         45.000                                          Project Phase
Adana Stadium                                          33.000                                  Under  Construction  (2019)
Hatay  Stadium                                          25.000                              Under  Construction (2018)
Karaman  Stadium                                    25.000                                Project Phase
Edirne  Stadium                                        22.000                                Project Phase
Giresun  Stadium                                      20.000                             Under Construction
Ankara  Eryaman Stadium                      20.000                             Under  Construction
Goztepe Stadium                                      20.000                                 Project Phase
Ordu Stadium                                           20.000                                 Project Phase
Çorum Stadium                                        15.000                            Under Construction
Karsiyaka Stadium                                    15.000                             Project Phase
Alsancak Stadium                                     12.000                             Project Phase
Manisa  Turgutlu Stadium                     12.000                            Under  Construction