The qualifying round of the 2018 World Cup will be held next summer in Russia


After a time span of 264 days, since the Brazilian nation won its first prize in the world’s top event, we all saw Peru – by blocking New Zealand in the second game – becoming the 32nd and last team completing the puzzle.

Now everyone is excited about the draw that will be held in the Kremlin on December 1, Friday. It will be the penultimate time that we will have 32 teams (after Qatar 2202, countries will increased to 48).

The 32 national teams will be divided into 8 groups of 4 teams.

Former England striker Gary Lineker – who won the adidas Golden Boot at Mexico 1986 – will conduct the Final Draw in Moscow’s State Kremlin Palace on 1 December, supported by Russian sports journalist Maria Komandnaya. They will also be joined by eight draw assistants, one of whom is Russian football legend Nikita Simonyan.

The European Confederation will have 14 participating teams, which are of course the most, and quite rightly, since football  in  the Old Epirus is being developed and improved daily. From here and beyond 5 national teams will be presented by CONMEBOL (South America), CAF (Africa) and AFC (Asia).

CONCACAF ,has three teams   (Central and North America).

It is certainly an impression that we will not see any teams like the four-time winner of the tournament, Italy. This is the first time since 1958 that failed to qualify and an “earthquake” has been caused in her country. The fans are furious and after the removal of her federal coach, Gianpiero  Ventura is expected to make other changes.

Netherlands, which has twice reached the final (1974, 1978) is defeated. The United States, Chile, Ghana and the former European champion 2004, Greece too.

There will be 4 capacity groups

All 32 teams are divided into four different pots based on the FIFA World Ranking. In the first Pot 1 are the strongest teams. That is where the national Russia is automatically entering the country. Moving up to Pot 4 we find the weakest. Note that in the previous Brazilian World Cup, FIFA had placed the teams in groups based on geographical criteria, but now it has re-established it based on their overall rankings. In fact, he measured the one in October that was the last of the qualifying phase (he did not take into account the barrage).

Teams from the same Confederation will not be drawn between each other except UEFA, which is the largest.


Russia (No 65)

Germany (1)

Brazil (2)

Portugal (3)

Argentina (4)

Belgium (5)

Poland (6)

France (7)


Spain (8)

Peru (10)

Switzerland (11)

England (12)

Colombia (13)

Mexico (16)

Uruguay (17)

Croatia (18)


Denmark (19)

Iceland (21)

Costa Rica (22)

Sweden (25)

Tunisia (28)

Egypt (30)

Senegal (32)

Iran (34)


Serbia and Montenegro (38)

Nigeria (41)

Australia (43)

Japan (44)

Morocco (48)

Panama (49)

South Korea (62)

Saudi Arabia (63)


Let’s remind you that the 2018 World Cup starts on June 14 at the impressive Luzhniki Stadium in Moscow…