The History of the Greek Superleague (1927- 2017)


The Alpha Ethniki was founded in 1927 and in 2006 was replaced by the Greek Superleague, which is the highest professional football league in Greece. The league consists of 16 teams and 457 players, from which 196 of them are foreign players (42,9%) and the average age is 26.2 years. The league is ranked by UEFA in the 14th position with 27.900 points and the total market value rise to 255,5 million euros.

The most successful clubs of the Greek Superleague are:

Olympiacos Piraeus 854 613 147 94 1984
Panathinaikos Athens 854 563 154 137 1832
AEK Athens 786 468 167 151 1565
PAOK Thessaloniki 854 432 195 227 1482
AO Xanthi 855 296 224 335 1112


Olympiacos has won the most championships (44), followed by Panathinaikos with 20 titles and AEK with 11.

The most successful goal scorer of the league is Thomas Mavros with 260 goals, followed by Krzystof Warzycha with 245 goals, Mimis Papaioannou with 234 goals, Giorgos Sideris with 229, Antonis Antoniadis with 187 goals, Alexis Alexandris and Dimitris Saravakos with 186 goals, Giorgos Dedes with 181 goals and Nikos Anastopoulos with 179 goals. The top 5 record players is Mimis Domazos at the top of the list with 536 matches, second is Nikos Nioplias with 509 matches, third is Giorgos Koudas with 504 matches, forth is Thomas Mavros with 407 matches and fifth is Savvas Kofidis with 493 matches. The 5 most successful foreign players were Predrag Djordjevic, Krzysztof Warzycha, Toni Savevski, Michalis Konstantinou and Jozef Wandzik. The most successful coaches are Dusan Bajevic, Georgios Paraschos and Angelos Anastasiadis.

The biggest victory recorded was Panathinaikos 9:1 Edessaikos (December 6, 1992) and the game with most goals was Xanthi 4:6 Olympiacos (March 20, 1994).

The biggest stadium isStadio Georgios Karaiskakis (Olympiacos) with 32.115 seats and second biggest is Toumba Stadium (PAOK) with 28.703 seats. The match with the highest number of spectators was AEK 0:0 Olympiacos counting 63.129 spectators (November 7, 2004). On the other hand the match with the lowest attendance was Akratitos 2:0 Ksanthi reaching 26 spectators (December 19, 2005).

Lastly, the first record transfer was Konstantinos Mitroglou from Olympiacos to Fulham with 15.2 million euros, the second most expensive was Michalis Konstantinou from Iraklis to Panathinaikos with 15 million euros, third was Zlatko Zahovic from Porto to Olympiacos with 13.5 million euros, the fourth was Konstantinos Manolas from Olympiacos to Roma with 13 million euros and fifth record transfer was Luka Milivojevic from Olympiacos to Crystal Palace, a transfer move that cost 12.8 million euros.