Steve Nash and the Football Impact on his Basketball Career


Stephen John Nash or simply Steve Nash.

A two-time National Basketball Association Most Valuable Player. A 19 year athlete in the league retiree.

Not known for his dunks nor explosiveness. Rather a point guard with his own vision, shooting skills and observer of the game. A NBA 90-50-40 Club member. Passionate for sports, not just Basketball. That is what made him who he is.

As a matter of fact, you will find an “around the world” football trick in the middle of a classic LA Lakers versus Boston Celtics game with ease.

Holding a Canadian nationality. Nonetheless, he has his grassroots in Johannesburg – South Africa. Basketball was not his first love.

A Spurs (Tottenham Hotspur) fan for a long time. An owner of Mallorca and Vancouver Whitecaps. He does not forget the Basketball relevance. He is a Player consultant for the Golden State Warriors and General Manager of the Canadian National Team.

Moreover, having his father as a professional football player in both South Africa and United Kingdom, Nash found his passion with the ball close to his feet, not in his hands.

As a twelve year old Nash could have a chance of, at least, make a tryout for the Spurs. However, a marketing standout company was inspiring young kids. Michael Jordan, Spike Lee and other Basketball references were making an impact in commercials.

Shoes advertisements with great influencers and hoops. NBA was extending its brand awareness through the globe. The revolutionizer Jordan was the center piece.

Nash himself indicated that if a football proposal came one or two years earlier, he might have chosen the football career.

There were a couple of reasons beside the marketing inspiration towards Basketball. Nash enjoyed playing with his friends and did not want to try an adventure by himself in another continent.


The Basketball community appreciates your decision, Steve.

Moreover, Nash recommends kids playing as many different sports as possible due to more solution-driven mindset and transmittable skills.

“The ability to learn different skills, cross training

“I think one of the main reasons I’ve made into the NBA was because I am not most explosive , strongest athlete.. Is because I played soccer! Agility, reading the game and seeing things ahead. Be able to analyze more angles and work on coordination.

I was never going to outrun and jump someone but my ability to find gaps to make S curves.”


Lastly, you now acknowledge a detail which is not 100% clear. The transmittable skills. The mental ability to use the advantages/challenges in one sport into another.

Hence, we prize for the football relevance for Nash’s Basketball success.

An high Intelligent Quotient athlete, all around player and person.

A personal sentence which demonstrates why Nash reached where few have reached. “If all players worked as hard as I did, I would not have a job.”