Five Tips on How to Become a Successful Sports Coach!


There are a number of articles and websites that discuss what you need to do to become a successful sports coach but ultimately it comes down to you. You decide how you move forward in your coaching career. The five tips below are there to help you reflect on your current practice and when reading them, try and think of ideas that will ultimately benefit you and your athlete/s.


Variance is a key factor to learning and maintaining motivation. If your athletes turn up to the same warm up and the same practice drill every day they will start to feel like training is a chore. Try and have a set of different warm ups and try something new now and then. By doing this your athletes will enjoy the new experience and also feel more motivated. If you are one of those who do the same warm up every day then try something new and I am confident your athletes will notice.

Know your athletes

I don’t mean find out what they like to watch at the cinema or what food they like, I am on about what signs do they show when they are reaching their limit, are they the sort of athlete who continues on until they do damage to themselves, do they aspire to be somebody or just want to cruise in their career? These are the questions you should be able to answer and this will help you plan and move them forward. There is no easy answer to this but make sure you listen and observe their patterns.

Learn from others

Do you read sports coaching and sports science articles? Do you know what inspires the top coaches in your sport? If not, research it. Find out what tips they have and learn from them. They are the people who are at the top of the sport and you can learn a huge amount from them. Don’t necessarily copy everything they do as this might not go down well with your athletes but make sure you read up on how they got to their current position and what their previous job roles were.

Don’t be afraid to fail

The “don’t be afraid to fail” speech by Arnold Schwarzenegger is one of my favourite quotes and I believe this is key to becoming a successful sports coaching. Every coach has made a bad decision in their career but learning from these mistakes is the important part. You might try a new training session tonight and it might be the best training session you have or it may be the worst. Either way you know next time whether it works or not.

Always aim for the next step on the ladder

This tip is to help you focus on the next step in your career. Do you know what you have to do to get to the next level? Do you know how to get that coaching job at the local team? If not, find out. By doing so you will not only be developing yourself but learning new skills that you can use when coaching to improve your athletes even further.

The above tips are there to try and help you create some targets to move your coaching career further. Hopefully they will help you highlight some areas which you can work on and help you to continue to move forward.

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