NBA Christmas Marketing tactics


Christmas time is a special period to promote most brands. Marketeers try to find engaging ways to contact with clients, partners and other parties. Creativity is put at test to deliver a not-easy-to-forget video/product/discount.

National Basketball Association (NBA), as an enterprise example across industries, has an engaging tradition: Special NBA games on Christmas Day. Unique Jerseys to celebrate as well.

Families and friends gather in this entertaining event. In the arena or at home. However, the goal is the talk, the #socialmediaengagement and merchandising purchase.

During Christmas Day, NBA schedules the brands/teams which have the best awareness, attendance and following fans. The latter are worth it. The expectations are high. NBA Marketing promotes them well, which makes us laugh and displaying the human part of the NBA players.


NBA All-star Blake Griffin playing Piano.

Jr Smith on the Santa’s lap.

Jingle Buckets.

John Wall ankle breaking the cookies’ ankles.

These are some examples of such strategies which NBA stands on the TOP.

NBA Christmas Day – Jr. Smith:

Displaying new jerseys and dribble:

Video Jingle Bells: