Messi and Barcelona a win-win relationship


He started to play for Barcelona’s football academy when he was only 13 years old. He spent most of his youth career at Barcelona. Barcelona paid for his growth treatment.
Messi is 100% Barcelona’s product and is probably the most successful player in the last 20 years.

He is the most important player from the Barcelona squad. Messi is a  a well behaved player without any major behaviour problems  during his career.
He is  probably the most skilful football player on the planet at this moment .Being a role model for the youth and even for grownup players, made him the most important player in the world, together with Cristiano Ronald.

Having had some problems with the taxes, he was accused of tax evasion but this didn’t affect his reputation.

Messi has also a very nice life story. In his child hood he was diagnosed  with an growth hormone deficiency – at age 13  Messi was signed by Barcelona FC who decided to pay for his treatment.  Despite all his health  and physical problems, he made it to the first team of Barcelona at the age of 17. He won 5 FIFA Ballon D’Or awards and 3 UEFA BEST PLAYER IN EUROPE awards.

Like any other top club, Barcelona knew how to promote this iconic player in order to bring profits to the club. Messi, as well as being a football player is a brand – a very expensive one.

He sells over 2 million t-shirts  a year; is sponsored by: Nike, Pepsi, Gillette and Turkish Airlines. Barcelona signed a lot of sponsorship deals due to Messi being at their club . Behind Messi’s brand is a big team in charge with promoting his name all over the world, in a way similar with marketing behind political campaigns.

The transfers and the first team is made around Messi, they make sure he is always in the first eleven (if he is not injured  or tired). He has an important influence in the club affairs. Messi wants to be the all time  star in Barcelona.

Whether we like or not Messi is the boss at Barcelona , the  transfers   even the tactics are planed in order to make him to became  the best player in the world all time .

If you didn’t know very much about Messi already, hopefully that has given you some idea.

Messi will not leave Barcelona until the end of his career because he is used for his super star status and in another club that may not be the same.  He is emotionally atached of Barcelona , he spent his childhood  the  Barcelona . Barcelona’s fans love him , and he has millions of fans around the world also .
At Barcelona he is the king , everything is done in order to keep him happy. He built his status of superb star at Barcelona; and has become the best ever player in Barcelona’s history and one of the greatest  player in the  football game history.   Of course he’s made a lot of money from playing at Barcelona and the club won a lot of trophies and made a lot of money thanks to him. There is a wonderful relationship between Barcelona and Messi – a win win situation, one where both parts will lose a lot in the case of Messi leaving.

Barcelona helped him to win 5 Best Player of The Year awards, whoever thinks that is only Messi merit it is wrong. Barcelona’s club and players  should be credited for 50% of his success. He will leave Barcelona only if it falls from the top and isn’t one of the best teams in the world anymore; something unlikely to happen anytime soon.

In another team, he will not be able to accommodate well because Barcelona has a unique  philosophy and he was trained and educated by that philosophy. As an example, compare how he plays in the international games with Argentina – he is not the same Messi from Barcelona. Barcelona will try to do every thing to keep Messi. He will probably become its coach or manager at the his end of his career because he brings a lot of money and popularity around the world  to the club.

Last year his contract was due to end and he kept Barcelona under doubt but he decided to sign in the end a new contract until 2021 with  a release clause of $1 billion. He can leave for free if Catalonia will became independent and Barcelona will not be part of the Spanish, La Liga.
However, in the case of a transfer the new club will benefit from the financial wealth of Messi’s name and brand.

The only championship that can afford Messi outside of Spain is the UK premier league which is struggling in European competitions. When we compare it with La Liga, the weather is bad and they have a different playing style in UK , more agressive based on long balls and speed.