The Dangers of Automation


The term Automation is used in Digital Marketing jargon to refer to the sum of automated marketing actions that are used to attract customers. With an example we’ll understand it better: attracted by an Adwords ad on Google, someone interested in losing weight enters a gym website. On this website you can download for free a document with the 10 key factors to lose weight quickly and safely, after filling in a form that includes your e-mail address (what we call a Leadmagnet). Once that email enters the database of the gym’s email-marketing platform, a series of pre-programmed automatic actions begin to happen as they are:

Thank you email and link for downloading the document with the 10 key factors to lose weight…

A few days later, the interested person receives another automatic mail with a button/link to the article How should be the training programs that accelerate metabolism and cause rapid fat loss.

Only those interested who downloaded this second article will receive another email offering a visit to the gym and enjoy a trial session.

Days later, the same interested parties will receive an email with a very attractive promotion that has a very close expiration date.

Depending on the business model, a sequence of this type can be very effective and, above all, very convenient and economical to implement, to attract customers. Therefore, this type of formulas are increasingly used. However, although I encourage you to try them, I recommend that you consider some dangers:

1º If you don’t personalize the emails and the customer perceives that he is being treated automatically, it lowers the effectiveness.

2º If the potential client answers the mail and comes a noreplay option, without contact alternative, it will cool down and lower your chances of registration in the center.

3º If the Lead sends a query and it is not answered in a personalized way, the same will happen as in the previous point.

4º If the answers to queries or contacts to arrange the visit take longer to arrive (more than 24 hours is too long) the client will cool down, it will cause contingencies to arise that dissuade him and the chances of success drop enormously.

5º If the amount and frequency of emails sent is excessive, the customer will feel harassed and will put you in Spam.

6º If the emails imply that the client has to do too many actions: fill in many fields of forms (more than 4-5 are already a problem) or have to travel from landing page to landing page or pressing different buttons to advance in the process, he will get tired and desist.

Automation? Yes, but well designed or it will make you end up in Spam bin and your emails will no longer arrive…

Author: Chano Jiménez. Author of the book: Vended Malditos Benditos, Phd in Economics, Postgraduate in Neuromarketing, Master in Sports Management, Master in Business Management and Marketing and Sales Consultant for sports business and organizations.