Why Athletes wear a black half vest type on their chest?


This thing that we call black half vest, bra and many more with a positive or negative connotation is a GPS device, which is used for gathering data about the player’s speed, acceleration, heart rate and many more.

In the beginning the use of these vests was very sporadic, mostly due to being very uncomfortable, something that made many players complaining that it was affecting their performance. Due to some minor design adjustments and its usefulness in delivering huge amount of data, it was adopted by many clubs and federations among them, FIFA, NFL, Real Madrid, Barcelona, Juventus, Benfica, Manchester United, Chelsea, Washington Wizards and many more.

The question is how do these vests work? The answer is simple each pod contains a mind-bogging list of components including four processors, a state of the art GPS module, a 3-D accelerometer, a 3 – D gyroscope, a 3-D digital compass, a long range radio and a heart rate receiver, making these vests to produce 99% accurate statistics. These vests are considered the key for the continuous progress and the development of players and teams.

Analytics is a huge trend and issue that is concerning the sports world in every field, but also the business world and it is considered to be the key for a successful business.