The story behind digital growth of AS Roma


It is widely known that Roma has been growing in digital world and has been an innovator, in some cases, in the European Football. The organization is not a stranger anymore in digital-social growth and they enjoy experimenting with different platforms and types of content. It is the first European Club to broadcast a full match via Facebook and use GIFs more than any team even using the Medium as platform to share content.

It all started back in December 2015 where team developed the new AS Roma website which was built in a crowed-sourced way using feedback from multiple social platforms. Thanks to its design and friendly interface it was named the best sports website in 2017 and also one of the 25 most tech savvy sport teams in the world by SportTechie. It is clear that history and tradition is valued but in the digital world, there is a clear opportunity for better interaction with existing and new fans. It is certain that before the American ownership, Roma was not considered as a digital giant keep two steady pillars tradition and future.

In order to succeed, team has to be willing to take risks, embrace changes and of course learn and fail through the process. It is obvious that AS Roma accounts are managed uniquely with tailored messages and content that fits with the audience. The mind behind that is Mr. Rogers and his team. Why? Because they provide opinionated article that works well in the English website, some video content and news in Italian and definitely graphic designs are source by Indonesian fans. The key element is the balance in the local markets which lead to unique approach! Lately more interactions on twitter to interact more with the American audience

Another success was in the US trip. they engage with audience through Spotify with a list for each city they played. Why that? A true way to engage with US audience and in my opinion to give a different perspective about sports while capturing data and be unconventional. In addition to that, another focus was the challenges between NFL and football players. Even more we should not underestimate the collaborations they have done all this time to amplify the content.

It is loud and clear that Roma has a clear understanding how they can reach on each platform and accomplish goals. It can be explained as:

  • Facebook: more followers so biggest results come from there
  • Instagram: highest engagement rate when you compare it with other platforms
  • Twitter: Frequently used more than any other platform but low engagement. Why? Simply because it is a medium for breaking news when the best conversations start.

As for future of AS Roma I think it comes answering one simple question:  what is the best for customer and fan? In terms of football: even though they have not won trophies I believe that they have the assets to compete the digital giants such as Manchester United, FC Barcelona and Bayern.

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