Turkey has a strong file to undertake the final stage of the European Championship 2024

Turkey is working hard to get the “green light” from the UEFA Executive Committee in September 2018 to host the final stage of the European Championship in 2024.
So far three times the football federation of Turkey has reached the “source” but has failed to … drink water. The first was in 2008 when he was nominated with Greece (overwhelmed by Austria-Switzerland). The second was in 2012 (the event took place between Poland and Ukraine) and the most recent was in 2016 where France prevailed, according to Michel Platini, as it was claimed. The vote of the  UEFA president that time measured as it was natural.
Nevertheless, the Turks are not disappointed. They continue to work at unimaginable pace and hope that they will be able to enjoy this time. Besides, we should not miss our attention that they have spent several million euros in order to present a file that is well-trained on all sides.
They have already built around 30 new and Modern stadiums, which can give every fan who wants to visit Turkey a chance to spend several hours pleasantly, either alone or with his family or friends.
Who else has visited Turkey and has not admired stadiums such as the Olympic Stadium. The Besiktas Stadium. Bursa, Antalya and many more excellent in every aspect that provide every comfort to the fans.
                                  The President of the Federation
Recently, the president of the Turkish Football Federation, Yildirim Demiroran, said:
“Turkey is the only country that has invested 32 field courses in Europe and the world. Unfortunately, we could not host the event in the past, which we lost for one vote at some point. But this time we believe we deserve to be the hosts of Euro 2024 … “
 Surely her goal is not an easy task  . Its counterpart is the strong and diplomatic sector, Germany, but Turkey seems quite strong. She knows how to move, as she is also distinguished for her power at the diplomatic level. Specific analysts even argue that it is time to get a top sporting event such as the European Championship …
                                                    Her stadiums
According to the federation, Turkey will nominate the Ataturk Olympic Stadium and the Turk Telekom Stadium in Istanbul, the Bursa Metropolitan Municipality Stadium, the Antalya Stadium, the New Eskisehir Stadium, the Gaziantep Stadium, the Konya Metropolitan Municipal Stadium, the New Kocaeli Stadium and New Trabzon Stadium Ankara Stadium.
The TFF will submit the bid dossier to UEFA on April 27, 2018.
Both federations must produce a bid dossier by April 2018, with the European football governing body choosing the winner next September.
“It’s clear that there will be two strong bids for Uefa’s national team competition, and it will be a tough decision to make,” said Uefa General Secretary Theodore Theodoridis.
Please note that the 2020 European Championship will be held in 13 different European cities. The capital of England and more specifically the historic Wembley will host the semi-finals and the final. The other cities are Amsterdam, Bucharest, Dublin, Bilbao, Budapest, Brussels, Glasgow, Copenhagen, Munich, Rome, Baku and St Petersburg.