Social media on NFL


Happy 2018 everyone. Last week,I didn’t write anything but I had the chance to watch a game of NFL playoffs. Although I’m not familliar with the rules, I was really impressed by the engagement they have on social media (twitter especially). Some key aspects from teams on the playoffs:


There is not a better thing than having amazing social presence. However high quality photography is required. The NFL organization, NFC and teams with social media presence create engaging content with attention to details as well as have the consistency to create the reflection of the brand. Having by your side a great photography team defines your storytelling.


Attention is a continuous battle for all the brands so the diversity of content has great significance.Videos and GIFs are always captivating and providing powerful content.

Twitter: six seconds communication

Many of you know that advertising is focused on 6 sec ads. But do not underestimate the power of a high quality long advert. Creating a compelling six second video is a creative challenge. So execution and creativity are the vital keys.


Visual identity is important for any brand. It assists you creating a content which will stand out and connects you with the brand. So fans should also be able to identify a team in a piece of content that the name is not mentioned. For example the purple color of Vikings.

The element of fun

Marketers should not forget that social media also provides the fans with funny content. It’s very easy to grab attention but it has to be alligned with the voice of the brand. It can be in different ways, but social media was created to be more human which practically means fun without jeopardizing the brand

It is not hard to be done. Have a look on how players interact and capture the moment. Bring them to life on social media et voila!


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