New Esports Frontiers


The rise of Esports can no longer be denied, nor can anyone deny that there is a bright future waiting ahead. I already see people asking “what’s next?” or “how can Esports evolve further?”. Everyone is trying to discover the new way that will push the Esports market higher and higher. To that end, let us consider the following.

By now, many have claimed – and I agree – that the potential of Esports is limitless. No matter how you look at it, Esports can be involved in all but a few already existing markets, to various ends.

While the professional leagues are sort of set in stone, their financial and marketing plans now laid out for everyone to see, there are certain underdeveloped areas within the Esports market itself that can prove to hold immense potential.

  • Esports and education.

I know that there are countries in the world where Esports and education have met in many ways and under many doctrines, but I believe that we are merely scratching the surface. Apart from making teams and leagues, educational institutes could, for instance, further involve themselves in research and development of practices across various disciplines ( physical / mental aspects of esports come to mind ).

  • Women in Esports.

It’s been said that “gamers don’t have a gender” but don’t mistake this point for sexual segregation. I firmly believe that Esports leagues for women should become a thing, as fast as possible. While everyone is happy and proud that every once in a while the winner of a tournament is female, such leagues and tournaments will consist the environment in which we will see the upbringing of more female representation in Esports.

  • Charity Esports.

While various gaming events / companies have already displayed organized attempts at e.g. disaster relief, esports could become a means of steadily raising funds for charitable causes tailored to the needs of a region. Combined with streaming, those sorts of events can become the crossroads brand activation and doing good for a community.

  • High school esports.

With regions like mine in mind, esports involvement at an early age could provide a decent amount of benefits – fostering the next generation of esports professionals being the most important one. Other than that, by their involvement from a young age, teens can be exposed to the better side of esports and gaming in general, avoiding toxic personas and icons of our time with the end result being the upbringing of a more decent gaming community overall.

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