Interview: Yuri Lodygin exclusively on Fox Sports Stories

It’s a matter of time for Zenit to find the way for success!
Yuri Lodygin speaks exclusively for Zenit, national Russia, final Real Madrid-Liverpool to Manos Staramopoulos and Fox Sports Stories.
Fortune, at least until now, has done well. But he himself has struck and tried to do so with all his might. Yuri Lodygin, a key member of the Greek National Champions League (K-21) in 2012 in the European Championship qualifiers, was then summoned to the Men’s Men in May 2013 by the then federal coach, Portugal, Fernando Santos. But it was not used once. Thus, on August 24, 2013, having taken a Russian transcript, Zenit St. Petersburg, he chose Russian citizenship, which now gives him the right to compete only in national Russia.
Yuri Lodygin  (born of a Greek mother and a Russian father) began his career in 2002 in the children’s club of the amateur club “Akritas K. Nevrokopiou”. He participated there for two years until the summer of 2004. Then with his family he returned to Russia. There, during the school year 2004/2005, he did not compete with the colors of any club and his only entries were in the 5×5 school tournaments.
In 2005 his family returned to Greece. Yuri rejoined the potential of the Nevrokopi team, but this time in Men. This year was the first for the promising goalkeeper in a Men’s Championship. In the summer of 2006, at the age of 16, he is tested in the Skoda Youth Team of Xanthi and is now part of it. After three seasons in the youth team in 2009, he signed with Skoda’s first team, Xanthi, at the age of 19, the first professional contract of his career.
In the 2010-2011 season he was given a loan for one year at Eordaikos, where he was key throughout the season. In the summer of 2011 he joined the team of Skoda Xanthi, which followed throughout the preparation. His wonderful appearances made Zenit’s people watch very carefully. So in the summer of 2013, and while the 2012 season 13 had fought in 18 races with Xanthi, the Russian team paid the sum of 900,000 euros and included Yuri’s human potential. 
He does not forget Xanthi FC
In January, Lodygin  gave athletic material at the 14th Primary School of Xanthi, something that was greeted with great enthusiasm by the children and school management. Sample of not forgetting that he spent several years of his life …. spoke exclusively with Yuri Lodygin on many topics: Zenit, Gazprom, which greatly enhances his team. The World Cup kicks off in June in Russia, presenting amazing and beautiful stadiums. He liked Real with Zidane and Casillas , but now thinks because of tactics, that Klopp might win the Liverpool Champions League …
– This is not a good thing for Zenit this year. You are in 5th place and you may be able to climb to the 3rd that leads to the Champions League qualifiers. Why has this happened?
“We started the season very well, but after some unfortunate results together and scoring problems we lost points in games we had chances but did not score, gained trouble putting goals. In football, everyone knows that if you do not score, there will be a moment in the match that you can take a goal, so we lost points! As we continue to have it now! We had no other issue, it was a matter of putting a goal! “
– At the beginning of this year’s season you faced various difficulties and you were not basic. Why was that?
 “The season began with many ambitions for me, everything was going well (in preparation) until the first race that I saw my name in the lineup! It seemed very strange because otherwise seemed all Ok, it happened that from there I searched immediately to find a solution, I found, I would be lent, but broke the last moment. It was going to England (Premier League) that it was logically done for good, I stayed, I got some opportunities, though when I needed to be there. It was not enough to convince the coach to trust me, and then I was waiting again. January came in and again I was looking for a loan, here Zenit did not let me go. I had taken some 10 games in the first part of the season and could not leave because the other goalkeeper was vulnerable to the injuries. I did not leave, I stayed, I waited and towards the end of the season I played some 7-8 games! I have no complaint, maybe it should have happened! We go, our health to have everything but it is in our hands !!!
– Zenit, which undoubtedly is a great force in Russian football, because last time it has some ups and downs in its performance?
“After Villa-Boas left (he was 2.5 years old very well) it was reasonable to have problems. Players came, the team had to re-start from the beginning. Of course there were some footballers but it took a long time! Just in such a group as Zenit, you cannot wait for years as a fan, everything must be done immediately and successfully! Reasonable!
It is a matter of time to find the way for success again
– Logically, with such a strong administration and Gazprom sponsor would have to star in and out of the border. Why has not he?
 “Of course we have a very strong sponsor, this gives us an incentive to prove that the money spent every year is catching up! In the last few years it does not come out like when Hulk came,, Witsel, Garay, Garcia! I think it’s a matter of time for Zenit to find its way and to play a leading role in Europe too!
– Another fact that makes an impression is that Zenit often changes coaches. Surely there will be some explanation and you are in things you will know more …
“The only explanation is maybe some coaches did not match or did not take the time they needed, made mistakes by coaches, footballers and we know that always the coach is responsible and that is why the change!”
– We have long seen a team of Russia excel in the Champions League. What is it that needs to be changed to see the success of a club of this great country?
“The truth is that it is a very difficult team in Russia to play play-offs in February after a long break. We do not have a rhythm and that’s why we cannot cope with the race. But there is no other solution. It has a terrible cold in the winter, no football can be played, so it must be done. We have no other solution and we should just look at the clubs in Europe! We do not miss anything if someone has the impression that there are only 3-4 strong teams in Russia, it is wrong, they all bring strong footballers and the championship is very competitive !!! “
– In summer Russia will host for the first time in its history, the biggest sporting event that is the World Cup. How much will this not only help her football but generally this big country …
Beautiful terraces have been made that will bring too many people together
 “Generally after we learned that Russia will host the World Cup, and when the preparations started, everyone is looking forward to it and incredible stadiums have been made. This is most important, the stadiums that were built are incredible, really beautiful ! From then on, you mean it is a celebration and it will bring even closer than many people around! “
– Which teams do you think will be the leading and why?
“I would not want to tell anyone! I do not stand out anymore. I just like to see beautiful and strong with psyche football. Especially if I was in the World Cup, I would stand out. I know a bit selfish but I’m like a character, I cannot think that someone can be better than me or us
– Do you think it’s time for Lionel Messi to lead Argentina to win the top trophy in the world?
“First you have to win Russia! (Laughs) Haha »
It changes in the wrong direction
– The transfer of Neymar in the summer of 2017 where Paris Saint-Germain spent the unsubstantiated amount of 222 million euros to break the Brazilian clause and take it from Barcelona, ​​shake off world football. How positive or negative will this football change?
“It is changing in the wrong direction. My opinion does not change anything, but I think many footballers do not deserve that money! Then it is not my job that. I do not pay much attention to that. I’m looking at my job. “
– This year’s Champions League final in Kiev will have rivals Real Madrid and Liverpool. What do you expect to do?
“I am a Real Madrid supporter, due to Zidane and Casillas .  Now that I have played a lot of games, and at European level I do not see it as a fan, but it is a regular and I would probably want Liverpool to get it because of Klopp, which I like as a coach and liked Liverpool. May the best man win ..”
– Finally, talk to us about your personal aspirations, but also about your family.
 “My family is almost always with me. They spend more time in Greece, because we have preparations and various. There are also visas which are for three months! Generally we are good glory to God ! From then on, I will always say it as I say to my wife (when she is saddened for me). We have a lot of health, since I can and I work like a mad on the court I am not afraid of anything. That we deserve this we will get, all the other experiences we have to take from them always something positive! “