The Zenit brand once again is in the top-50 in world football


The British company Brand Financе ranked Zenit as the only Russian club in the top-50 of world football.

The blue-white-sky blues are ranked 42nd in the terms of the most powerful brands and 49th in the list of the most expensive brands in world football. Brand Finance specialises in brand valuation and the valuation of intangible assets.

The Zenit brand has an estimated value of $125 million. First place in the rankings are Manchester United, whose brand is estimated at $1.895 billion.

The brand rating is calculated using the analysis of Brand Finance, which compares the strength and potential of the brand compared to its competitors in the scale of AAA to D. It is conceptually similar to a credit rating. The data used to calculate the ratings comes from a variety of sources, including Bloomberg, annual reports, club studies and internal research by Brand Finance.