Stadium St. Petersburg is now under the management of Zenit


The lease of the stadium will last 49 years with the initial deal being reached on 15 February during the Russian Investment Forum in Sochi. Then agreement also includes a deal on the provision for reconstruction, maintenance and operation of the entire complex on Krestovsky Island with an area of ​​288,000 m².

The stadium on the Krestovsky Island was designed by Japanese architect Kise Kurokawa, and opened in 2017. During the Confederations Cup it was the most attended venue and this season set a new Russian record with over one million people having come to watch Zenit’s home games.

The stadium is also among the 30 most visited in Europe with a higher average attendance (44,389 spectators) than the averages in Germany, England, Spain, France and Italy.

Since 30 May the stadium has been undergoing preperations for the World Cup and will host seven matches at the tournament, including Russia v Egypt in the group stage, as well as a last 16 game, a semi-final and the third-place playoff.