An Entire Flank under Salvio’s responsibility in the Argentina National Team


He usually plays as a winger, but the number 18 played as a right-back in Argentina’s victory over Haiti, in a friendly match thinking about the World Cup. And the benfiquista impressed.

With the 18 stamped on his back, the same number he wears at Benfica, Salvio played the 90 minutes in the last friendly match of the Argentina national team in front of their fans before the World Cup.

And there was one big novelty in this victorious rehearsal against Haiti (4-0): the benfiquista, a winger as the main position, played as a full-back, filling the entire right flank in the formation.

In a four-man defensive line, Salvio impressed the Argentinean pundits. They highlighted his “strong dynamics” and the “rigor” in the execution o the role that was given to him in the tactic system of Jorge Sampaoli for this match, that had three goals from Messi and one from Aguero.

Salvio was a full-back because Lanzini [the right midfielder]moves to interior areas and we need a player that could offer that depth to the flank”, explain the national coach Sampaoli in statements to the Argentinean press.


Salvio was also approached in the mixed zone to share the sensations experienced in an encounter where he played in a different position from the usual. “I am very happy for the minutes I had. I try to seize every minute that the national coach gives me“, commented the Argentinean international, one of the 23 players chosen to go after the World Cup, in Russia, from June 14 to July 15.

“Being in a four-man defensive line, the national coach asked me to go forward and to appear in the front“, said Salvio. “Because of the game features I have, the coach thinks I have a lot of dynamics“, he added.