Infantino: 2018 “the best World Cup ever ”in Russia

FIFA president, Gianni  Infantino , thanked for the impeccable event hosted by Russia, said:
The FIFA President gave his reflections on the tournament, giving thanks to all those involved, while declaring Russia 2018 “the best World Cup ever”.
Gianni Infantino
“We said we wanted this to be the best World Cup ever and it’s been the best World Cup ever. And we should say thanks to Russia: the Russian Government, the LOC, the Russian Football Union. And the volunteers, who are the smile and the heart of the World Cup. All of them have worked very hard to make this event a big success.
“This World Cup has changed Russia that has become a real football country. Football is now part of Russia’s DNA. It has also changed the perception of the world about Russia. Around a million people have come to Russia and everyone has discovered a wonderful and welcoming country.
“The 32 teams that made it here, that made us dream; a big thanks to them. It was them, the players, who talked on the field. Now we have a very special final between France and Croatia, two teams that played an important semi-final back in 1998. Special congratulations to them.
Mr. Infantino  also personally thanked Russian President Vladimir Putin for his great help in the success of the 21st World Cup, held in a country that previously did not host such a top football tournament.
                                                                                  Dating in Qatar
Mr. Infantino  then spoke about … the 22nd World Cup meeting that will take place in the beautiful country of Qatar, leaving the 48- teams  theme open!
The next World Cup will be the first to be held in Winter, from November 21, 2022  to December 18! That’s about 7 months from … what we know so far about the conduct of the World Cup. This of course because of the incredibly high temperatures in summer in Qatar.
Mr. Infantino  stressed this:
 “The federations have been informed about this decision, since it is impossible to play football in Qatar in June and July,” said the powerful man of the World Federation.
Of course, he made sure to leave the issue of … 48 groups open “This will be discussed in the coming months, initially with the organizers from Qatar and then with all the parties involved
The Qatar World Cup will be held from November 21 with the final on December 18, 2022, the day of the national feast of this Arab country.
“This is a historic decision, since it is the first ever World Cup to take place during the football season,” added Mr Infantino .
This decision, which was taken on account of the high temperatures in Qatar, has prompted a strong reaction from European clubs.