How Manchester City celebrate the championship in social media


Waiting to celebrate his title of champion of England in the field  Manchester City has already managed to create an emulation via social networks. Indeed with original and attractive creations, the communication campaign of the club received a lot of enthusiasm. 

Jay Rodriguez’s goal confirmed definitely Manchester City as a champion. With the  Manchester United’s defeat, it was impossible in for the Reds Devils to continue battling for the title. Being sacred thanks to a goal from an opposing team, a shame for the training of Pep Guardiola, who scored 93 goals this season in the League and would have probably preferred to be in the derby when they lost 3-2. A setback which forced the club to adapt and implement a communication strategy offensive on social networks. A way to deliver digital content to fans and thus make them wait a few days before celebrating the title at the Etihad Stadium.

Manchester City has nevertheless had time to prepare his campaign upstream, so the club has mounted at the top of the Premier League throughout the season. Communication service has created a digital banner painting, that it was widely reported on all of the accounts for the club. A Visual explosion which rained much on the side of the fans. On Instagram, this image has generated more than 400,000 likes and more than 12,000 comments. On Facebook, the club has also posted a video time-lapse photography showing the work done on the front of the stage with the inscription ‘First Champions League’, which was seen 2.7 million times.

Not having the possibility to publish videos of the players together, the latter being in days of rest and so scattered to the four corners of the world, the club chose to talk to his captain Vincent Kompany. In a video, the Belgian to thank all of the supporters and the players for this title and says his pride to play for the club. Kompany made that video so that the fans are informed of the existence of these exclusive products. Because even in the celebration, the marketing is never far away…


The club has obviously not forgotten to highlight his players, creating videos, recalling the best actions of the season. Videos in the short format made to measure, and that each player shared through his personal account.

Sponsors were also the part, each going his congratulatory message relayed by the club. Tinder, the new partner of the club, has spoken of a ‘perfect match’ in reference to the activity of the platform meetings. The brand of telecommunication of the UAE, Etisalat UAE, also sponsor of the club, decided to broadcast a video with the club’s players and supporters celebrating the title, probably recorded beforehand. A video that has generated a lot of interest from fans since it has been viewed nearly three million times.

Fans, precisely, were also rewarded for their support, since it was mentioned in some reports that some players of the club went to a pub to offer beers and meet them (I do not know how valid this report is, but if that happened it is a move for bigger engagement). The club also attaches great importance to the relationship players – supporters, as we had seen after the victory in the League Cup and the implementation of actions destined for his fans. The club does not hesitate to fully engage its supporters in its communication strategy, thus strengthening the attachment to its colors.

If the euphoria won a part of the city of Manchester with City fans, United fans are in a grey mine. They, themselves, are also offended by the congratulations posted on the official Manchester United tweet account, many of them requesting an immediate deletion. Whatever the circumstances are, rivalries between clubs are stubborn and it never takes in account the business side of the sport!