Artem Dzyuba: “In Russia, we make trouble for ourselves, then heroically overcome those troubles”


The Zenit and Russia striker on the win over Molde at Stadium St. Petersburg.

Artem, was this result a great birthday gift? 

Yes, the win is the most important thing and the goal was a small bonus.

It seems that at times you were everywhere, out wide, in the middle, is this an instruction of Sergei Semak, that you play across the whole attack? 

Sergei does not put any restrictions on me and I how I play depends on the situation. In general, I need to be more in the centre. When I feel that I can help there, I move out wide, but my main task is to play in the middle of the attack.

Is it becoming a habit to come back from a goal down? Is this already a comfortable situation for you? 

It’s not comfortable, but we showed ourr character. But you know, as we usually do in Russia, we make trouble for ourselves, then heroically overcome those troubles. I would like it to be easier though.

Tell us about your goal.

It was a magnificent pass from Driussi. He was top today, I just needed to get my head on it.

Do you want to play in the return-leg against Molde or would you rather save your yourself for Spartak? 

That’s a provocative question! (Laughs.)  No comment.