Artem Dzyuba: “It’s nice that people are so kind to me everywhere in the country”


The Zenit and Russia striker spoke after the game with Ufa.

Artem, congratulations on scoring in four matches in a row. Can you tell us about today’s goal?

First, Igor Smolnikov passed it to me, I gave the ball to Yerokhin, he took a touch, and then found a great pass between the legs of the defender to send me through on a one on one. I was lucky because the ball came straight back to me after hitting the post. I am glad that I managed to score, but the most important thing is the team won and we are back in first place, we’ve played five, won five.

Did you know that was your 139th goal?

To be honest, I didn’t know that, I have not checked the statistics lately. If it’s really my 139th, that’s good. When I scored my 100th goal, I set myself the target of 150. I hope to get close to this figure as soon as possible.

Before the match the fans gave you some honey. Will you share it with the guys?

Of course I’ll share it and I’ll try a little too. I’m not very keen on honey, but I think Sasha Kerzhakov is, so I’ll give it to him. He’s our Winnie the Pooh.

It takes you a lot longer now to get from the bus to the changing rooms since the World Cup.

It’s nice that people are so kind to me everywhere in the country. Maybe it’s because of this that I am scoring. I enjoy this attention and I want to make people happy.

Why did you celebrate your goal with Driussi with pinching him?

And his goal too. I’m very happy when my partners score, Seba especially. He does a lot of work, pressing, creating space, he’d a good player. I’m always happy when he scores, and I’ll celebrate with him.