Can Mohamed Salah be the next Star of world football?


World Cup 2018 was for Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi the last they will be at the top of their art. Author of a fantastic season with Liverpool FC, Mohamed Salah could take advantage of the 2018 edition to lay the groundwork for a global hyper-starification. 

Unusual: almost 4 years elapse between the end of the world Russian and the opening ceremony of the 2022 global, at the Qatar. The fault in a climate too hostile, preventing the cream of world football to evolve in midsummer in the (future) yet chilled Qatari speakers.

A transition period that will seem particularly long in the two big stars of world football. Dominating their discipline since 2008, Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo will reach respectively the age of 35 and 38 years on the occasion of the next World Cup. If they will be likely to be present during World Cup in Qatar – Cristiano Ronaldo not giving the impression of wanting to stop immediately – they will not start the competition as a star of the discipline.

In my opinion, the status quo of those two people is started to be challenged by Neymar Jr. and Paul Pogba seemed to be both the best armed to take over in 2014, two players have lost ground in recent months. Yet adored of the Millennials, the two players have experienced some misadventures – sports for Pogba, extra-sportives for Neymar – not allowing them to reach (yet) the potential marketing of their elders.


If this Megastar in the making name was Mohamed Salah? In sporting terms, the Egyptian international was the revelation of the season 2017-18. Scoring more than 40 goals in all competitions, the twirling the Reds winger just slashed the screen through Liverpool FC Champions League final and qualifying the Egyptian selection for his first cup of the world since 1990.

Beyond his sports performance, the route of the former player of FC Basel commands respect and arouses admiration of an entire country. Coming from a poor region of Egypt, Mohamed Salah young spent long bus hours in his youth to be able to complete his apprenticeship to the round ball in the Cairo club Arab Contractors Sporting Club.

Endearing character, Mohamed Salah never forgot his humble origins. Multiplying its shareholdings to charity in Egypt, the Liverpool FC player knows to be generous with the poor. The player has particularly historically made a donation of €270 000 to the entity Tahya Misr, Egyptian Fund to invest in development programs. In his native region of Gharbia, Mohamed Salah has regularly contributed to the funding of schools and hospitals.

Athletic performance and personality have identified Mohamed Salah the rank of Pharaoh in his country. So point its name happened to second place in the last presidential election then… he wasn’t candidate! Knowing perfectly use social networks to communicate, Mohamed Salah became in short time an idol for Millennials Muslims, who are in search of a personality in ability to send a positive image of their religion.


Such excitement around the personality of Mohamed Salah has obviously attracted advertisers. If the Egyptian international is not (yet) at the level of Cristiano Ronaldo – which has now more than 100 M$ of income a year from his salary at Juventus and, especially, to the power of its brand CR7 – Mohamed Salah has multiplied the signing of agreements of sponsorship over the past months, with companies like Uber or DHL.

And this is a commercial issue that resulted in a first hiccup in the smooth image that seeks to build Mohamed Salah. In the month of April, the player publicly announced a disagreement with this federation regarding the use of his image to illustrate a partnership with WE, subsidiary of Telecom Egypt. Already involved with a competitor – in this case Vodafone – Mohamed Salah wanted to stop exploitation of her image without her knowledge. A conflict, which could appear as a caprice, but who eventually did not hurt the image of the player in his country. On the contrary, several hundreds of thousands of messages of support to Salah were posted on social networks as a result of this disagreement. And the Egyptian Executive publicly positioned in favor of Mohamed Salah during this mini-conflit.

Another trap to avoid: the recovery policy of the image of the player. If Mohamed Salah has managed to dribble all taken of public position on the political life of his country in not ever speaking about this; on the other hand, could not escape the visit of a political controversial personality upon his arrival in Russia with the Egyptian selection. Being installed in Grozny with the entire Egyptian selection, Mohamed Salah displayed in early June to meet with Ramzan Kadurov, head of the Republic of Chechnya and known for positions hostile to LGBT rights. An unexpected association which would be due to an impromptu tour of the leader political Chechen.

Closing,Mohamed Salah has many advantages for landing the Qatar in 2022 as the icon of world football. To rise to the level of Ronaldo or Messi, Mohamed Salah will continue to cultivate its image through a rare words decision-making in media and direct communication on social networks. In sporting terms, it will also help his club Liverpool FC to reach a new level, both on the national and European. Finally, if he could already qualify Egypt for the 2018 World Cup finals, Mohamed Salah would have already largely managed its competition. Lets see what will happen in 2022.