Germano: The Dream of the two-time European Champions


One of the best Benfica footballers of the 1960s, he played with an eagle on his chest for seven seasons and won eight titles.

Germano Figueiredo, born on December 23, 1932, and deceased on July 14, 2004, was considered one of the best Benfica footballers of the 1960s. The red squad had a dream attack and Germano led the defense of a team that made history in Portugal and in Europe.

He represented the eagles for seven seasons (1960/61 to 1966/67) in which he played 161 matches, scored six goals and won eight titlestwo European Cupsfour National Championships and two Portuguese Cups.

Germano made his debut with the Sacred Mantle on September 30, 1960, in Budapest, in the 2nd leg (match played in two legs) of the European Champion Clubs’, against Újpest FC. The eagles had won the 1st leg by 0-1, but in the 2nd leg the Hungarian team won by 2-1. The single goal of reds in the match was scored by  Joaquim Santana, at 5’.

Born and raised in the Alcântara neighborhood, Germano Figueiredo represented Atlético Clube de Portugal before defending Benfica and became a flagship of the Tapadinha emblem, where, on the afternoon of March 25, was held the first edition of the tournament with the name of that great figure of Portuguese football.