Cornel Musat, World Champion Story


I will begin the story of a world and European martial art champion by quoting the President of the European Federation of Traditional Karate, Sensei Vladimir Iorga.

“Cornel  Musat is one of the three karate people in the world that I appreciate and esteem very much. In 55 years of experience in karate, I have three people that I very much appreciate, Dominique Valera, 9 dan, Ilija Jorga, 10 dan and Cornel Musat 5 Dan who has 8 world titles and 38 titles to European. I have accepted with great pleasure his invitation to come to Braila. I am truly sorry that I cannot see him evolve anymore, but I am convinced that Braila will continue to give champions. ” said the president of the European Federation of Traditional Karate, Sensei Vladimir Iorga.

I would like to say that I know Cornel Musat personally; since I was a teenager. Therefore, I know very well how difficult his journey was to the 8 World championship titles, 37 titles of European Champion and a place in Fudokan “Hall of Fame”.

Cornel spent his adolescence through boarding schools, and left the family comfort to study and practice sports from the age of 14. He was a student of the Panait Cerna High School in Braila. He practiced sports like football, free fighting, boxing and weightlifting for a short period until December 1989, when he met the coaches of karate Vasile and Floricica Pricop and began to practice karate.

The absence of his family was substituted by his childhood coaches, Vasile and Floricica Pricop and their son Florin who had a decisive role in his sporting career.

The desire to succeed in life through sport motivated him to work hard to reach the level at which he is at today: 8 World Championship titles, 37 European Championship titles and many other national titles won individually or with the team. For special performances, Cornel received the title of Master Emeritus of Sport,  was awarded by the former President of Romania, Ion Iliescu with the order of the 3rd class for outstanding merits in sports.

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 He is licensed in sports, completing the Academy of Education and Sports at Babes Bolyai University Cluj Napoca. For several years he was employed by the Romanian  gendarmerie, training the Intervention troops of gendarmerie Braila as well as the Special Brigade of Intervention of gendarmerie Bucharest, Romania. 

Recently, Cornel become the Romanian national coach of Fudokan, where he quickly managed to achieve impressive results.

Cornel Musat is the most well-known karateka at European and global level and the most titrated Romanian athlete at the moment. He is also the number one in the world and has been for almost 16 years, being undefeated, the champion with the most titles won of all time, a performance that is hard to match.

Cornel Practice and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu with Albasta Belt and some national trophies.

Recently Cornel opened his own Karate club in Braila, where he personally trains the new generation of Champions.

The sport helped Cornel learn discipline, strength of character, self-restraint, reflexes, agility, physical condition and an iron health.

Cornel regrets that he does not have an Olympic medal in the track record and that the Romanian State does not promote sports values, many of the champions of Romanian sport being forgotten.