President Čeferin visited Faroe Islands


UEFA President Aleksander Čeferin has visited the Faroe Islands to discuss the development of football in the North-East Atlantic archipelago.

Mr Čeferin held talks with the President of the Faroe Islands Football Association (FSF),Christian Andreasen. Discussions focussed on the crucial sporting and infrastructure help given to the Faroe Islands via the UEFA HatTrick assistance programme.

The UEFA President also met the Faroe Islands prime minister, Aksel V. Johannesen, and the mayor of the capital Tórshavn, Annika Olsen. 

The Faroe Islands, a group of 18 small islands halfway between Scotland and Iceland, has a population of around 50,000, and almost half of the population lives in Tórshavn.

Football is the most popular sport in the Faroe Islands. Membership of FIFA in 1988 was followed by admission to UEFA on 18 April 1990.

“I am delighted to be able to come to the Faroe Islands to see at first hand just how football is progressing there,” said Mr Čeferin. “The Faroe Islands Football Association is setting a fine example to Europe’s other smaller national associations with its intelligent, focussed and diligent development work.”

                                               Christian Andreasen

“We are extremely grateful to be members of the European football family, and all the benefits that this brings to the development of football in the Faroe Islands,” said Christian Andreasen.

“Personally, it gives me great pleasure to invite Mr Čeferin to the Faroe Islands, allowing us at the Faroe Islands FA the opportunity to show the President the results of our joint projects.”

 “We are obviously happy to see that UEFA’s support through the HatTrick programme is bearing positive fruit,” Mr Čeferin added, “and I congratulate the Faroe Islands Football Association and its President Christian Andreasen on the quality of the work that they are undertaking on and off the field.”

Mr Andreasen went on to emphasize that football in the Faroe Islands is in a positive state.

“The focus is on player and club development,” he said. “We see these as key areas in our strategy. At the same time, we are rebuilding our stadium, well supported by UEFA HatTrick, and ensuring that we will have the best possible conditions for our teams, media and supporters in the future.”

“Being able to share this in person with Mr Čeferin has been very positive, and I look forward to inviting the President back to the Faroe Islands upon the completion of our new stadium.”