Formula E with a fantastic digital marketing strategy and result


The ABB FIA Fórmula E, which is in the first category of electric car races in the world, continues to attract an ever younger and younger audience, consolidating the number of other generations between 25 and 34 years and also experiencing rapid growth with fans from 13 to 24 years.

Formula E ended a fourth season, with fan-growing series following closely and coming with a series of races on the organization’s official platforms. The items show a sustained increase in engagement, followers and video views when compared to a year. In addition, levels of interaction among all age groups, the ABB FIA Formula E Championship is building a younger fan base and achieving undeniably more demographic attention in the sport, noting a 347% increase in the proportion of Youth Among 13 the 17-year-old public, engaged with digital content in the official channels of Formula E increased by 54% in the age group between 18 and 24 years. They are the only ones who are managing to renew and diversify the fans’ crowd in Auto Racing, which not even a Formula One was winning.

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In the fanfare of Formula E on Facebook, the two groups are now by now half of the total, reaching 49%. Overall engagement with the Formula E goal also continues to grow at an impressive pace, having more than quadrupled by 330% over the third season total. The biggest leap in engagement was seen on Facebook, with 439% more interactions, including tanned, comments and shares, when measured compared to the previous season.

The history of the choice of 128% among 13-17 year olds, while the age group 18-24 improved by 63 percent – quickly becoming the second largest follower group only after 25-34 years.

The total number of followers has already surpassed one year and has risen 55% pa year year in the way of the championship of Formula E in the year 2017/18, with the
largest increase coming on Instagram with 90% more followers than last year.
Watch the video below Tom Hall, Digital Head of Formula E, presenting the 5 seconds to the fans. Interview offered to Marcos Castro channel, specialist in Digital Marketing in Portugal.

With a single, fuller offering of in-house and third-party packages, the total number of video views also saw a jump with 675% more views on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and other content distribution channels, with a total of more of 318 million euros of visits until the middle of last season.

Alejandro Agag, founder and CEO of Formula E, reported that: “The Formula One ABB FIA Championship continues to grow strongly, with a younger generation of eager and engaged. Formula E is not only conquering a Generation Z, but the audience which everyone wants to be, are signing up for the electric label makers on the road, brands and investment partners are under their name and category in the shared indicators of reinventing these races. and relationship with our readers, who are constant and try new and innovative tools to offer a better experience”.

When we look forward to December 15 which is when a 2018/2019 season we are going to start, let’s see how great a development is, now with a lot more assemblers and new pilots for receiving content.