Antoine Griezmann accelerates French Social Media of Sport 2000


In 2015, Antoine Griezmann partnered with Sport 2000 and the solely focused to design and strengthen the influence of this collaboration.

Since Athletico Madrid won La Liga, Antoine has immediately become “Trade Center”! Why? It’s an icon of the sport and fashion. It is committed to maintaining a close relationship with his fans as Sport 2000 is attached to stay close to its customers. It is a committed athlete. In addition, his presence on social networks particularly appealed to be profitable for web development projects.

So what did the partnership offered?

Since 2015, the activation binds Sport 2000: proximity to the French. The program activation is based on this principle to keep or make Antoine even more close to the French, his fans and sports concerns. Building a program at 360 ° and being active throughout the year. The key aspect of the activation is that Griezmann is the heart of our communication media and non-media device.

In the media sector, a voice which is a very powerful medium and allows them to touch all French households. Network management is great because it offers our members to exchange with one of the biggest stars of French football. Exploiting his image as part of business operations, and their advertising: display, brochures, relay on social networks. As a result, he is a true accelerator emergence and fame.

One major element that is promoted/proposed by Sport 2000 offer that ‘money can’t buy’. At the start of they offer for example the possibility to customers to live a session shooting with Antoine and share the coverage of the school club flyer with him. A great experience for the winners and Antoine who loves being close to the French and to live with young people these moments of the dream.

Antoine Griezmann as a famous athlete is also a powerful Accelerator for their social networks. Antoine is at the heart of their communications and publications to lead community and engage him. In fact, during this period of the World Cup, it’s very important for them to support their Ambassador and engage network and community of fans. Therefore, they launched a platform of engagement with #TousGrizi for Antoine Griezmann during the World Cup.

During the World Cup, they hosted the show “Le Mag of the World Cup” on TF1Mixing the power of the image of Antoine Griezmann and the media number 1, on the most powerful chain of the PAF, it was critically successful during the World Cup. The exploitation, in terms of reputation and image of this device, so as Sport 2000 to become well known in 100% of French fans. In addition, discovering their stores or with simple billboards station while keeping the SHIFT key that they like so much. Their expectations are to strengthen the link made by the French between Antoine Griezmann and Sport 2000.

Concluding the article, here is another example of how a world class player can collaborate with business and lead to growth and maximize the community engagement.