Qatar women’s team goalkeeper inspired by Generation Amazing coaching experience


Goalkeeper Shaima Abdullah plays her football with a smile. As well as being the last line of defence for the Qatar women’s team, Abdullah has become a valued member of Generation Amazing’s local coaching talent.

The 25-year-old is passionate about playing the sport she loves and – through Generation Amazing – promoting its inclusive values. She spoke about her work with Generation Amazing – the Supreme Committee for Delivery & Legacy’s flagship corporate social responsibility programme – along with her hopes and dreams for the future.

When did your passion for football begin?

As a kid I started playing sports in school when I was six years old. I loved playing basketball, handball and football. I then selected the sport I enjoyed the most, which was football. I became part of the school football team and this led to me representing Qatar as the team’s goalkeeper. 

How did you get involved with Generation Amazing?

I study economics, marketing and management at Qatar University, while also playing for the national team. I started taking coaching courses with Qatar Football Association, which led to me learning about Generation Amazing. I now work as a Generation Amazing coach in schools across the country and split my time between university and teaching children new skills through football.

What’s your normal day like?

Early in the morning I go to schools to teach children and deliver Generation Amazing sessions, and then I go to university for my classes. The thing I enjoy most is working with young children, particularly finding the best way for them to learn important life values through football. 

You were part of the recent training organised by Generation Amazing and the English Football Association. How useful was this experience?

It was incredible and provided a fantastic learning opportunity. The most interesting part was learning about the coaching methodology being used in England and how to prepare for all the different elements which make for a successful coaching session.

What are your dreams for the future?

My dream is to play for Qatar at the Women’s World Cup and Women’s Asian Cup. Later on, I would like to be a goalkeeping coach. I would like to be the first Qatari woman to do this job for our national team.