The evolution and digital transformation in sports entities: La Liga case with Microsoft


Sport is a matter of love, passion and greatness. It “touches” our lives every day and creates an engager that is a modern time of digitization. However, the same opportunity is not capitalized by most clubs around the world, there are few jobs in their fan base, activating with their strategies of marketing automation.

Most clubs are focused on finding fans interested in supporting plans, exclusive schemes, and selling products to the club to activate their sponsors’ brand, so they will not be compared to other impacts. Of marketing for example.

We live in the data age, driven by Artificial Intelligence, Bigdata, Blockchain and Cloud Computing analysis, all rolled back to enhance the experience and the club’s partners, an immeasurable potential of how to provide/ create the best experience. Unite the information networks and social networks, site to the site, stadiums, sites, websites, websites, sites, sites, sites, interfaces, performance, performance, performance, performance and performance. Plus, are sporting modalities prepared for this level of business?

The digital transformation of LaLiga with Microsoft

LaLiga, since 2016, has developed a very focused strategy for digital transformation, backed by Microsoft technologies, which provides its own social networks, website, applications and other means of contact with the supporter. Keeping a smart contact by reading behaviors from each of the communication platforms, understanding each moment before, during and after the game. It is important to talk about what matters to the supporter at the right moment, with dynamism and speed.

Have the entire automated journey improve the experience, connection and engagement with the fans, and realize the quality of the services provided to them. Another important return is the increased experience of the sales of products to fans, vinculated the best experience and advertising orientated to them.

It was a time when LaLiga developed its strategies of communication focused on the fans, in a manual and disintegrated way, with no understanding of its user systems. Implementation of digital marketing strategies integrated in a single platform, playing the role of Social Listening, User ID Management, Gamification, Business Intelligence.

With a digital-focused strategy, LaLiga strengthens new ways to get your fans to good football, from anywhere in the world, whether through the website, streaming or app, no matter how happy you are with the service provided. In addition, LaLiga recently announced a partnership with Microsoft, which is Microsoft’s premier distribution program in partnership with Microsoft in partnership with Microsoft. with this strategy another 500 million people. This is the goal of LaLiga, even stronger as an innovation and leadership in the aspect of digital transformation in the sports industry.
Watch the video with LaLiga’s digital transformation case.

See the video with LaLiga digital transformation: