Azerbaijan: The country of great opportunities


A new country has emerged on the European continent. At least on  football level. And we refer to Azerbaijan, the country of natural gas and expensive caviar coming from one of the world’s oldest fish, the sturgeon. A country with many oil and gas fields that recently hosted the Europa League final between Chelsea and Arsenal (4-1) at its beautiful and modern Olympic stadium in its capital, Baku.

 Baku, also known as the city of fire, since natural flames emerge from gas burning in pipelines within the earth, is located on the east of the counrty, on the coast of the Caspian Sea and consists of the central (new city) and the old city.

 According to the 2011 census, the city has 2,045,815 inhabitants. It is on the southern shores of the Caspian Absecon peninsula. It was founded in the 6th century AD. The fortified center of the old city has been declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO and is the birthplace of the top chess player we have ever met,  Gary Kasparov.

 The name Baku comes from the ancient Persian name of the city of Bad-Kuwe, which means “windy city”.

 The Shirvan Shahs Palace is a sandstone complex made of sandstone. It was the palace of the northeastern Azerbaijan dynasty in the Middle Ages.

 The country’s system is the semi-presidential system. The President of the Republic, Aliyev, is the head of the state. He has great and important power and he is particularly fond of the world, something that also appeared in the final of the Euro Cup, where the fans just realized they were in the stands.

 The Prime Minister and the other members of the Government are appointed and dismissed by the President of the Republic. In 2009, after a referendum, the limit on the terms of office of the country’s high office was abolished. The Constitution was adopted on 12 November 1995 and amended by a referendum on 24 August 2002.

                                           The capital

The historical center of the city includes old, stone mansions, renovated and restored. In Baku, one can see and admire the Nizami  Museum of Literature.

 Along the Absheron Peninsula, coming out of Baku, there is a desolate area with natural sources of oil and salt. There, the visitor will see the Atashgah Fire Temple, which resembles an ancient castle. It is pentagonal shaped and built in the 17th to 18th centuries. It was abandoned in 1883 and turned into a museum in 1975. Each year it is visited by 15,000 people.


Natural flames reaching even 3 meters are coming out of the gas fields from the Yanar Dag fire mountain.

 The vice president

In December 1983 she became the wife of the president; two years later she also became mum. Since 2005, she is receiving one honorary title after the other from States and International Organizations. At the same time, she became Vice-President of Azerbaijan. The reason for Mehriban Aliyeva.

It was the end of September 2016, when the Azeris in the referendum that was held, said yes to the amendment of the country’s constitution.

With the changes, which became the first institution of Vice-President.

Azerbaijan’s president and her husband Ilham Aliyev said there was not a  more suitable person for this post than his wife.

Since the 10th of 2000, the tourist industry has begun to significantly renew. The country has since recorded a high rate of increase in tourist visits. In the recent years, Azerbaijan has become a popular destination for religious tourism, spa, and medical tourism. For the whole winter the Shahdag Mountain Resort offers skiing with state-of-the-art facilities.

                                              Pat Rice 
Arsenal’s old international right-back, Pat Rice in the final on the court that became the final, said to me:
“It is a fact that our defensive operation today was not the best one. We made quite a few mistakes …”