Roberto Mancini: “We played one of our best games of the season”


The Zenit manager spoke to the press after the 0-0 draw at home to CSKA Moscow.

In terms of the quality of football, it was one of the best games of the season. I liked how we played. But we didn’t score and so we didn’t win the game. This match should have ended with our win, but sadly it didn’t.

Why do you think the match should have ended with a Zenit win? After all, there were chances at both ends.

I think we had more chances that should have been taken. CSKA are one of the most experienced teams in the championship, they know how to keep their rhythm and how to waste time and how to make their opponents make mistakes. They demonstrated that today, but I still think that we deserved the win.

You had a nice goodbye with Manchester City after placing an advert in the local newspaper. Do you need any help on putting one in a St.Petersburg newspaper? 

To be honest, I haven’t thought about and it’s not something I’m thinking about. Now is not the time to talk about this. We don’t yet know how it will end.

How serious is Ivanovic’s injury? And how would you rate your chances of reaching the Champions League? 

The loss of Ivanovich is a big problem for us, considering what kind of defender he is and considering the number of injured players in our team. I think that he will not play anymore this season, because we have only two matches left. The only thing that we must hope for is that no one else is injured.

As for the Champions League, if we won, the chances would be great. But in football you do not always know what will happen, now we need to win our remaining matches.

Hello, I’m from Poland. What do you think of the stadium here? 

It’s the most beautiful stadium in the world.

Zabolotniy did not score again today, but he had his chances. What does he bring to the team? 

I said two or three weeks ago that he needs to work on his game. Now I see that Anton plays a role and has the potential for growth and to improve his game. Today he played one of his best matches for Zenit in the league and showed some progress.